MG ZS First Drive and Preview

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2017 MG ZS

Last week we were invited to the MG ZS launch at Whittlebury Hall on the doorstep of Silverstone race circuit.

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The Car Guide

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Car guides


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Frankfurt IAA 2015 Motor Show

(Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes)

The title says it all, as well as will the lineup of vehicles being showcased at the Frankfurt IAA 2015 Motorshow expect combustion, EV, hybrid and who knows what else.

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FXX-K Evo announced for AutoSport International first time outside Italy

(Reading time: 3 - 5 minutes)
Ferrari FXX-K Evo AutoSport Int
What a show AutoSport is shaping up to be, and now with an exclusive Ferrari FXX-K Evo announced as the third latest car to be confirmed as a main feature of Europe's biggest preseason Motorsport show, it's certainly going be a very special event.
This astounding car will be the main feature for the Ferrari offering from Corse Clienti,
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Retro Promo Vehicles - namely the VW camper van

(Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes)

We've noticed something cool here at Planet Auto recently - companies using vehicles to promote their business seem to be favouring the VW Camper Van!

Always a firm favourite with us, it is always nice to see the next stage of evolution for the Camper Van.

Here's one I spotted recently:


It's a small image (taken on the move through the windshield) of a Camper Van advertising PayPal. Nice looking vehicle...


Let us know which promo Camper Vans you've seen, and which one is your favourite, other Volkswagen buses we have spotted are Harry Ramsdens utilising a late bay camper.




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We all love the Lowered Life Lowlifeproblems

(Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes)

planet auto is now partnered with Lowlifeproblems the up and coming car movement with an ethos based on #builtnotbought.

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F1 AMG Petronas and Qualcomm 5ghz telemetry transfer inrace

(Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes)

F1 racing is taking a technological step this coming weekend in Austin. MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One team and Qualcomm teamed up to enable a wireless download of F1 car  telemetry data using a hyperfast 5 GHz Wi-FiĀ® Transfer during the Formula One practice sessions.

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Can I Jetwash my EV and Hybrid?

(Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes)

Should I use a garage forecourt car wash for my Hybrid and EV? In a word yes, Istobal have put together answer and info sheet.


How to wash an electric or hybrid car, there has been a lot of controversy about this, namely washing any vehicles with electrical sysytems, motors or batteries.

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