Liberty Walk London Motor Show 2017

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Liberty Walk
Well it's just over a month till the London motor show and we've just had confirmed that Liberty walk, the world renowned Japanese tuning company
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Sunny Saturday, drive time

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Sunning myself on Arnside Promenade

Hi all, ahh first things first time for a quick intro, i'm Hotel MCF (something to do with a plate attached to me), i'm a 23 year old MK2 Golf GTI 16V and I live just outside the Lake District in a little village not too far from Kendal. Enough about me for the time being.

On to my little excursion, as you would expect as it's a sunny day I wanted to get out and explore, next thing I know i'm happily tootling along under Arnside Knott, I saw a fellow German car, a real pretty little thing a Porsche 911, quite a bit younger than me I might add, her owner acknowledged us, I felt quite proud. Anyway i'm rambling, we headed towards the Promenade, we stopped my owners asked if I'd like a picture and here I am and that's my day, tomorrow looks like I may be having PAS fluid leak looked at, woo hoo.

Hotel MCF


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Dacia Pop Up Shop Westfield Stratford

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Dacia are certainly going all out this year with getting their no nonsense car brand out to the public, they are following some of the big brands like Supreme and Kanye West and are opening their first ever pop-up store at Westfield, Stratford.

Starting November 23rd and running till the 3rd Dec, that's right its already started, why not have a look?

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25 yr rolling vehicle tax exemption

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Now this is a great idea, currently vehicles over 40 years are elligible, however this would be better if it was a 25 year rolling tax exemption.

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A New ERA... MG ZS

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Today is the beginning of the new era for MG, with the announcement of the new MG ZS; the compact crossover taking on the likes of the Nissan Juke, Renualt Kajar and Mazda CX5.

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The new Bentley Continental GT 2018 has arrived

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Wednesday the 8th of November 2017 saw the official launch of the 2018 Bentley Continental GT. Hosted by the Jack Barclay Bentley Showroom in Mayfair. An opulent event, showcasing the latest GT Continental.

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Self driving wagons hitting UK roads & Tesla Truck 300m range

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Autonomous UK driving
As you've probably heard, the British Government has announced today platoons of self driving trucks (well that's an over statement), rather than small convoys of partially driverless lorries will be taking to the British highways.  Couple that with Tesla announcing their truck cabs will be able to achieve 300 mile per charge, 
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Geneva Motor Show Top 5

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The Geneva Motor Show is half way through and what a selection of cars we have seen so far. Everything from Ferraris to Fords, there really has been something for everyone. Amazing to think these cars are going to be on the road in the coming year. At planet auto we have compiled our favorites so far. This does not mean their wont be more. Expect to see our full round up of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in the coming weeks. 
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