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The Best Selling Cars Ever Ever

Since the beginning of motorcar history, the highest accolade for every manufacturer, whether it be Ford, VW or TVR, is to sell the most cars.
We ask the question which is the best selling car ever in 2012? To give you a lead, we are going to show you the results for 1998.
When you look back at other best sellers - for example the Ford Cortina Mk1 back in the late 60's early 70's - it still hasn't made the list. This is due mainly to the model stopping production unlike the car in 1st place, which is still in production, therefore giving it the edge.

Here are the Top 5 1998 Best-Selling Cars

1st - Volkswagen Beetle 

The Beetle produced since 1937 till 1979 then restarted in 1998. Total Cars sold till 1979 - 21 million.

2nd - Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla has been in production since its conception in 1963. 20 million cars sold.

3rd - Ford Model T

The Model T Ford was first manufactured in 1908 in its total run 16.5 million cars were sold

4th - Volkswagen Golf

or known in the US as the VW Rabbit, production started in 1974 and reached 15 million in 1998.

5th - Lada Riva

Production started in 1970 and reached 13.5 million.
There is 1998's best selling cars, any ideas which car is going to win? 


Here is the latest best selling models figures the Top 5 Best-Selling Cars in the world 

1st - Toyota Corolla

Best-selling nameplate in car history, production started in 1966 in Japan - the start of the compact car with quality, style and cost-effectiveness of more upmarket models. Nine generations over 40 years, 1997 - best selling car of all time. Over 35 million vehicles to present were sold. 

2nd - Volkswagen Golf

The car is one of the wonder cars of Europe. Extremely popular in all Marks. The Golf, a global leader through 5 generations, to present day over 30 million VW Golf cars sold worldwide.

3rd - Ford - F series

This model tops all cars can you believe it ! A Pickup sold more than any car except one & mainly achieved in North America made famous from the Fast and Furious with the Ford Lightning. Over 25 million of the Ford F series sold to date. So we come to it the Best Selling car up until 2012 , who would have thought it...

4th - Volkswagen Beetle

In our opinion the best selling car ever and for the fact it kept the same body design for over 55 years. It's said that Adolf Hitler drew its legendary contours on a paper towel. An amazing 21,529,464 VW Beetles were produced, and until 2003, the shape was produced in Mexico.

5th - Ford Model T

The Ford Model T still holding down after 98 years, the car available in any colour as long as it was black, due to the speed the paint dryed on the first car production line. The Model T Ford sold over 16,500,000 cars, one of the most iconic and best selling cars in the world.


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