Dub Haus No1 with pa for many reasons

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What a place, Dub Haus in Chorley is exactly as it sounds a mecca for VW, they specialise in the supply of used parts, after the Mk2's break in on Friday afternoon in Lancaster, Asda, I had to find some tricky to find VAG parts including a green tinted window and inner door handle.

First I googled VW breakers in the area, and came across DubHaus, gave them a quick call, reeled off the list of needed parts, guy said he'd check his yard and call us back, so far so good. As we are impatient we rang back with 15 mins, he had sourced a window, that's all we needed to hear.

Set up the iphone as the GPS had been lifted in the smash n grab, and set off to Chorley bound on the M6, got to the M61, and changed for M65, till the Bolton turnoff then 5th exit, and headed towards the town. Entered a small industrial etate peppered with VW cars, Mk4 Golf, Jetta, Beetle and Beach buggy, loved it already, the guy appeared brandishing a window, mint, then the veedub love tookover, why not get this and that.  

After 30 mins of requesting a cigar lighter, practically brand new gator, door handle and window I was finished, thought £40 - £50, got everything for £25, real genuine Volkswagen loving company. 

I'l be returning when I decide which wheels to buy.

Thank you Dub Haus


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Luxury and Sports car rental online with Sixt

(Reading time: 3 - 5 minutes)

A new dawn for Sixt, as it moves into the luxury and sports car rental market online. 

Sixt has come a long way since it's humble beginnings - founded with a fleet of just three cars in 1912 by its owner Martin Sixt - and has expanded out of it's original location in Munich, Germany, to span the entire world. 

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i8 Redefining The Hybrid

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BMW i8
Cars are now more advanced and futuristic then ever before. Car manufacturers are taking big leaps in becoming green. This is apparent with the all new BMW i8 which is expected to be on sale later this year. 
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Formula E is upon on us

(Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes)

Well nearly, Donington Park is to host the Formula E preview, which will debut the latest motorsport which appears for public consumption next year.

Now you are likely to have of Formula E unless you've been living Little Miss Sunshine's yellow bay camper.

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2040 Petrol and Diesel ban FAQ

(Reading time: 4 - 7 minutes)
Renault Zoe

With the new regulations proposed by the UK Government regarding banning the sale of all Petrol and Diesel engined cars, vans and wagons by 2040 then following it up with a 10 year phasing out period of all combustion engines, ensuring UK roads will be Petrol and Diesel free by 2050 has many people wondering what this means for owners and collectors?

Well here's what you need to know:-

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zelectricmotors - Bringing the bug up to date

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zelectricmotors - Bringing the bug up to date
zelectricmotors based in San Diego, California is modernising the classic bug. The Volkswagen Beetle was the peoples car however in the modern world it does face a real world problem. Cars are becoming more efficient on fuel due to more economical engines, electric motors and hybrids. As a result of this the VW bug is getting left far behind.
Similar cars to the Beetle in present day are now achieving fuel economies of  40 - 70 mpg. Whereas the classic Volkswagen is staying in the past achieving only 20 - 30 mpg, supercar mpg. Therefore the classic is not a viable everyday run about.
Wouldn't it be ideal to have a fuel efficient beetle, maybe an electric Beetle?
Zelectric are now making this possible. Bringing the VW beetle into the 21st century. The electric motor has a range of 90 to 110 miles depending on your driving. Making this a brilliant and cheap way to go to the shop or take the kids to school. Even get to that VW show for a minimal cost. The electric motor is able to achieve 80+MPG in 3rd gear, who needs anything faster. 
One of the biggest concerns with a electric car is the batteries. Often they can be expensive to replace and often don't have a brilliant range. Zelectic beetles pack a 24 kWh battery, this is the same as a Nissan Leaf. You won't have to worry about changing the battery any time soon. The battery will last from 10-15 years and can travel 160,000+ miles.
Not only dose the Zelectic beetle have an electic engine it also has many other awesome features. including, White wall radial tires, Front Disc Brakes, Sound Deadening throughout, Stock transmission, Heavy duty shocks, Digital eFuel Gauge, Electric Ceramic Heater, Electric Wiper Washer pump & spray nozzle, RetroSounds Radio w/ iPod port & Speakers, LED Head/Tail lights + 3rd brake light. This means that you can have the retro look with all the modern car benefits. 
If this sounds good to you drop them a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. if you would like more information then check out their website. http://www.zelectricmotors.com/.
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Car shows 2013

(Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes)

What a glorious July, perfect weather for Car Shows, whether your into German, US Muscle Jap or old skool Euro cars, and it's only going to get better.

planet auto are on the Volkswagen and Audi show circuit this weekend Cumbria VAG, watch out this week for a report from VAG show hosted at the Westmorland Show ground, Cumbria.

We've already had Goodwood FOS, GTI international and Bug Jam is this weekend, to mention a few, and their are many to come including MITP, Ultimate Streetcar and Coventry fesival of speed.

Which ever Car shows you wish to visit in 2013, please drive carefully and enjoy.

for more info on the latest car events visit our Car show guide 2013 - 2014

have a great summer

Ben, Michael and Annabelle 



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Cars the Star Show KLMC 2013

(Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes)

RR at the KLMC Cars the Star Show 2013

The Sun was shining, the car planet auto Golf was gleaming it was time to head to the Heaves Hotel for the KLMC Cars the Star Show, as we pulled off the A590 there were two VW Campers pulling out onto the carriageway, concourse in looks.

The entry was £5 per person or £10 per car, very reasonable, we made our way to the car park a grassy field filled with a range of fine motor cars Ferrari, classic Mini's, Alfa Spider, Corvette Stingray, AMG Mercedes, M3 BMW even a US Made Mercury, bear in mind this was just the car park.

The show was organised into different clubs as well different categories from pre 1960 to Military and utility, there was well 70 cars ranging from the the classic the Rolls Royce to the Robin Hood 2B kit car, it was strange to see what was considered a classic in todays eyes Citroen ZX, Honda s2000 even a Saab Viggen 9000 Convertible.

Their was wide array of Rally cars on display including, the Mk2 Escort Mexico and RS2000, Mk1 Escort Mexico, Lotus Sunbeam and a Mini 1275 GT, one of the highlights had to be the Ford racing Puma, a wide bodied version of the popular Puma hot hatch. 

The Cumbria and Lancashire Porsche clubs were representing with the 911 & 944, a few of each. 

Watch out for our short videos on the Planet Auto YouTube channel.



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