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The Sierra RS Cosworth has been in development since back in 1981, but was finally released in 1986. The car is a complete animal, it was a Sierra in shape, but so much more too. It sported a full RS body-kit, modified grille, rear spoiler and custom alloy wheels. The car became extremely successful in motorsport for Ford, both track racing and rallying.

The models success was put down to it's extreme engine, a Pinto block with a race developed 16 valve aluminium head engineered specifically by Cosworth. The 16v head was originally designed to be a tuning part for the OHC engine a similar story to the Warrior conversion. The Cosworth & Ford combo was colaborated in a Northampton pub, without this intervention RS may have never succeeded with the Cosworth breed of cars. David Turner asked "Would the relationship with Cosworth do for Sierra what Lotus did for the Cortina ? It is globally recognised that RS and Cosworth achieved their goals".
The cars 16v 1993cc engine is capable of producing 204 bhp with ease for normal road use this is of course aided by its Garrett T.03b turbo matched with its state of the art Weber-Marelli fuel injection system. The auto comes with uprated brakes and chassis to a higher road/rally spec, and its capable of maxing out at a Top speed of 149 mph (240 km/h)
The biggest attraction of the RS Cosworth was its price, supercar performance for just under £16000.

Sierra RS Cosworth Specs

Engine & Fueling: Cosworth 16V aluminum head with YBT Pinto-based block, Bore and stroke 90,82 x 76,95mm , 1993cc, compression ratio 8:1., Weber-Marelli engine management system - Mahle forged racing pistons.
Aspiration: T03 Garrett water cooled turbo, max boost 0,7bar, air-to-air intercooler.
Max power: 204bhp at 6000rpm, max torque 278Nm at 4500rpm.
Transmission: / Gearbox / Running gear, Rear wheel drive., 240mm single plate clutch., Borg-Warner T5 gearbox 5-speed, 3.65:1 final drive.
Suspension: Front: McPherson struts, 28mm anti-roll bar. Rear: Independent , semi-trailing arms, coil springs, 14mm anti-roll bar.
Brakes: Front:283mm vented discs, four-pot calibers . Rear: 273mm solid discs . Anti-lock brakes 
Maximum speed :149mph (238km/h) 
0-60 mph : 6.2s 
0-100 mph : 16.1s 
1/4 mile : 15.5s
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