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Nissan cars numbered $49.7 billion in1998, production topped over 2,750,000 units & employees topped 137,000.
The alliance last May between Nissan & Renault, added $40.5 billion in vehicle sales, therefore over 2,200,000 units of production and 138,000 employees creating the number 4 car maker group globally just behind GM, Ford & Toyota with a market share of 9.1%.
Nissan supports many charitable events including MADD, Nissan Open, Tomas Rivera Institute, the Los Angeles Urban League and many others. The company is seen as a responsible company, recognised for its safety leadership, environmental & communal activities globally.
1958 - 1982
Generally the car industry is known for its peaks and troughs, and this Japanese company has had its fair share over the last 40 years. Mr. K also known as Mr. Katayama was the spirit & inspiration powering the early years of Datsun. Mr Katayama is renown as "the father of the Z" for his continued efforts in bringing his cars to the global car market.
Back in 1967, the 510 sedan a Japanese BMW was introduced, closely followed in October 1969 by the original 240Z sports car. In the early 1970s, Nissan's cars almost sold themselves.
In 1983, Datsun joined the worldwide marketing of vehicles using the Nissan name felt by many to have a stronger quality image, this started a six year re-corporate branding changeover from Datsun to Nissan on everything from vehicles, dealerships, facilities and marketing campaigns.
Nissan continues to grow and grow, seeing now the release of the latest Skyline the R35, now suceeded by the simply named GTR.
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