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A Nismo tuned Skyline?

The most volatile version of the infamous Skyline, saw the light of day late in February 1996 with a very limited number of only 99 being released. NISMO intended the 400R to be a road legal version of the car, in celebration of the success of the GT-R LM on the race track.
The NISMO 400R differs to the GT & GT-S, as it doesn't have rear-wheel drive, it builds on an uprated chassis of the powerful R33 GT-R V-Spec.
The 400R runs a highly tuned version of the RB26DETT, known as the RBX-GT2. This engine is capable of driving the Nismo tuned engine to deliver 400hp revving at 6800rpm. A stroke of 77.7mm and bore of 87mm make for a greater engine displacement. boring the engine to 2771cc. 
This tuned engine was engineered with uprated pistons and con-rods, a new more durable crankshaft and a strengthened engine block, Nismo also connected all this power with a NISMO intercooler which counted for the increase in power the boost torque was maxed to 478Nm (346 lb-ft) at 4400rpm.
The Nismo 400R still gets delivery to all wheels through the Nismo GT-R 5-speed gearbox, a twin-plate racing clutch was added to handle the power transfer from axle to transmission.
In addition to the V-Spec, the car included a 30mm lower suspension with Bilstein gas shocks and additional 18-inch rims matched with 275/35 tires. According to ATTESA-ETS and Super-HICAS these gave the race-car-like handling, unmatched by many.
Nismo tweaked the 400R's dynamics, there was also exterior changes which separated the R33 and the NISMO version. The whole car was made to look a lot more aggresive. The front-spoiler was fitted with bigger scoops, creating a threatening stance on the street. The 18-inch rims filled out the arches better than the GT-R V-Spec's 17-inch rims the rear-wing was increased to produce more grip than the V Spec version. The Nismo 400R had a passive side also, well kind of, brakes were added to allow enough force to cope with the extremely torquey engine. Forward power was also decelerated effectively when required there was race-style seats with racing harnesses added this kept the Nismo 400R driver in position even during the most extreme driving.
The Nismo 400R is deemed the best Skyline to date.

400R Spec Information 

Layout Front-engine / AWD 
Curb Weight [lb (kg)] 3418 (1550) 
Length [in. (mm)] 184,1 (4675) 
Width [in. (mm)] 72.0 (1830) 
Height [in. (mm)] 52.4 (1330) 
Wheelbase [in. (mm)] 107.1 (2720) 
Track Front [in. (mm)] 59.1 (1500) 
Track Rear [in. (mm)] 59.4 (1510) 
Steering Rack & Pinion; Speed Sensitive Power Ass. 
Tires front 275/35 ZR18 
Tires rear 275/35 ZR18
Type RBX-GT2 - Inline-6; Twin-Turbo Charged 
Valvetrain dohc 4-valve/cyl 
Displacement [cc] 2771 
Bore & Stroke [mm] 87.0 x 77.7 
Compression Ratio 8.5:1 
Front Multi Link; Bilstein gas shocks 
Rear Multi Link; Bilstein gas shocks
Max. Power [Bhp at rpm] 400 at 6800 
Max. Torque [lb-ft (Nm) at rpm] 353 (478) at 4400 
Bhp/Liter 144
0 - 60 mph [secs] 4.0 
Top Speed [mph] 198
Official figures may vary for Nismo 400R individual specs.


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