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Tesla are certainly at the fore front of ev advancement and their reach has just increased significantly with the introduction of a new Tesla Roadster. A 4 seater convertible which can achieve a world record breaking 0-60 in 1.9s and then achieve 100 in 4.2s, with a 1/4 sprint in 8.9s.
The first ever production car to reach times like these, its kitted out with 200kwh battery pack, and can travel a staggering 621 miles per charge. It's fitted with 3 motors which generate 10,000 newtons of torque.
A removable roof, 2+2 layout with lots of storage.
This wasn't the only announcement, Elon also introduced a brand new Semi truck, which was capable of carrying upto 80,000lbs of cargo, and offer a range of 500 miles. Already some pretty big companies have placed their orders including Walmart, pre ordering 15.
The driver is able to stand in the cab, it has a centre seated position with the steering centrally aligned along with 1 screen each side, displaying a range of vehicle information.
Having aLready experienced the Model S, we can see these latest electric vehicles will strengthen Teslas lead in sustainable vehicles.
We look forward to getting behind the wheel of the new Tesla Roadster when's it released in the coming years, no doubt their will be a long queue.
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