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We awoke to the symphonious burble of a 570s, what a start to the morning, the reason I recognised this, is earlier the day before, this was the car we'd experienced on the roads of the Cotswolds, and what an experience.

After the night before's festivities, which included pre dinner drinks, a range of fine wines and soft drinks, even tea.

 This was followed by a Halloween element initiated by Wayne Bruce, where everyone was invited to wear a mask. As we adjourned to the dining room, it must have been a sight to see a number of well adourned gents and ladies pass through the hotel as Skeletons, Werewolves and other creatures of the night. 

We sat down to dine after choosing our main from a choice of Gnocchi or Sea Bream, with a starter of Tomato soup and a classic pudding of Apple and Blackberry Crumble, the wine flowed and so did - as you would expect - automotive conversation. Our esteemed colleagues had experiences that were mind blowing to us - a company that had relaunched the previous January to re-establish itself firmly within the automotive industry. These experiences included driving multiple prototypes on long roadtrips, and testing vehicles that had never been released travelling wide and far, that being world 10 times over. If you're wondering the food and drink was perfection, I had the Bream as did Annabelle with lemon Mash and Pak Choi. This was a dinner for the ultimate car connoiseur.

We relaxed in our well appointed period room with modern conveniences, until around 9.30, I headed to the bathroom to open the blinds and saw 6 brand new McLarens in formation - oranges, blues and a silvery grey. On the gravel infront of the Calcot Manor were 6 fully detailed Supercars, the 570s Spider and the 720s models.

There you have it part 1 of our McLaren journey -

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