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With the new regulations proposed by the UK Government regarding banning the sale of all Petrol and Diesel engined cars, vans and wagons by 2040 then following it up with a 10 year phasing out period of all combustion engines, ensuring UK roads will be Petrol and Diesel free by 2050 has many people wondering what this means for owners and collectors?

Well here's what you need to know:-

What's your next move and how do I tackle the UK petrol car ban challenge?

First thing don't panic, this is not set in stone, alot can change in 23 years, of what we can deem this more a deadline for manufacturers to figure in electric vehicles into their current range, refit their factories with EV tech, and to alert us that the Government is taking air pollution seriously. This means over the next few years many manufacturers will start following the strategy of Volvo who announced recently after 2019 all vehicles produced will be electric.

What are the benefits of going electric and converting your car to an ev?

Well the first thing is, to fully charge an EV will cost you around £3.00, the range depends on the car model, your car will be kinder to the planet, EV's need to recharge meaning you have to stop to rest and grab a hot drink,    

Should you convert your classics cars to electric with an approved car conversion?

Now this is entirely down to you, this certainly futureproofs your car, and makes the vehicle far more kinder to the environment - however as for the affect on its value this can't be deteremined as of yet.

Are there any other alternatives?

Hydrogen power is alternative to converting your car to electric, currently there are a range of DIY Hydrogen car conversion kits which will convert exisitng combustion engines to hydrogen in making them more efficient and cleaner, it's also easy to install and relatively simple to maintain. The HHO conversion introduces Hydrogen gas to your fuel mixture, it does not allow the vehicle to run on water however it does greatly reduce your cars impact on the the planet.  

Can I drive my vintage and classic cars after 2040 on roads in the UK?

It appears you will be able to drive vintage/classic vehicle within this time frame, however this hasn't fully been answered.

Will all petrol and diesel vehicles be banned from UK roads?

The sale of all UK Petrol and Diesel will be banned by 2040, however then a 10 year phasing out period will follow in an aim to making all UK roads combustion engine free, meaning no Petrol or Diesel vehicles. 

What will happen to Motorsport with the 2040 petrol ban? 

This we can't find a definitive answer, we presume as vintage vehicles will still be able to be driven that motorsport will remain unchanged, it just means that the combustion engine driven cars won't evolve, and we will likely see an increase in electric motorsport such as Formula e, Roborace etc. 

This day has been coming for some time, the banning of all combustion engines, to save our planet.

What's our next move will it be buy electric, hybrid or hydrogen or do we convert our existing vehicles to either electric or hydrogen, realistically we ask ourselves when is it that the manufacturing of combusion powered vehicles will cease?

The electrical car has been about for many years with the first electric vehicles appearing in the early 60s with the likes the Milk float, however in this last five years EV's have become a big part of life with Tesla, Nissan, Hyundai, VWG etc redefining the EV and its market. The whole world is now going to crazy for the latest Volkswagen Golf GTE, Up E, Nissan Leaf, Hyundai Onique and the list goes all in the hunt for reducing our carbon footprint and saving the environemnt, and of course reducing our motoring costs.

The EV is a very controversial issue with people saying that they can now offset their carbon footprint and other saying the production of an EV outways its saving, the one thing we can be sure of, is that the EV is here to stay.

With the 2040 ban coming into power in 23 years - What happens to all the classic cars people have purchased as investment or for love. This proposed ban makes us question if will we be able continue driving our combustion engined cars, classics and vintage models or will the proposed legislation halt this, it seems we should be able to, however for how long or if mileage will be limited remains to be seen.

Will the sport Motor racing end? This is a very challenging prospect, motorsport certainly won't end however we may well see an increase in Electric Motorsport. To allow you to continue driving your classic car would you be willing to head down the electric conversion route?

Electric mobility has been a round a few years, as you'll remember we covered it a few years ago with the Z Electric conversion of a VW Beetle however it is time to revisit this topic again especially with the proposed UK Petrol car ban. Would an electric version of classic GTI, XK150 or Type R, be a worthy prospect or would the lack of engine symphony, feel of the drive and the general thought of the car bear too much?

The latest EV's are a force to be reckoned with the Model S grabbing fastest production car, an electric car is extremely fast, ideally we'd love a world where we get to experience both

The electric vehicle since being reinvented primarily by Tesla has spawned a breed of desirable models with out of this world specs. Elon Musk with The Model S ,Model X and the Model 3 and other pioneering EV manufacturers have given many manufactuerers foresight to progress exploring hybrid technology and electric technologies. The latest hybrid hyper cars by the luxury super car brands have pushed the boundaries of future tech primarily with the La Ferrari, Mclaren P1 and Porsche 918. It's also rumoured that Rolls-Royce are going miss out on Hybrid tech completely and start building completely electric versions of the luxury marque.

We love watching EV cars, however we love the combustion engine cars as much - roaring up the track, flames spitting, baseline drives from the exhaust, we can clearly see that events like the Goodwood Festival of speed will certainly have a place but they won't ever repalce the combustion engined cars.

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