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The Geneva Motor Show is just around the corner. Running from the 9th to 19th of March, you always know something exciting is coming. In the past their has been everything from the Bugatti Chiron to Ford Eco Sport.  We’ve complied our top 10 cars to look out for this year.  
1. Lamborghini Huracan Performante
The Huracan Performante is going to be the fastest Lamborghini yet. Rumours suggest The latest in the Huracan line up has even topped the Nürburgring lap time of its bigger brother the Aventerdor SV. No Surprise when you find out its shed 90 pounds and been given an additional 30 horse power to the 5.2 litter V10 now pushing out a staggering 602bhp. Other updates include; sticker tires, suspension, ABS and traction and stability systems.
2. Panamera Estate
This year we are also likely to see the unveil of the Panamera Estate (Sport Turismo). Recently Sighted around the Nurburgring predominantly featuring a longer roof line, spoiler on the roof and an array of minor exterior tweaks over the saloon. Sharing engine choices with its saloon counterpart and expecting to come at a slightly premium price over the saloon models the Panamera Sport Turismo is set to rival the Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake ,Audi RS6 Avant and BMW 5 Series GT. Going to be a difficult decision if your in the market for an 80K Estate car later this year. 
3. Porshe 911 GT3
When the latest iteration of the Porshe 911 was released many Porshe fans where disgruntled to find out it was not available with a manual gear box. Well worry no more, expected to be unveiled at the motor show this year. The GT3 with manual gear box and new 4.0 flat six. 
4. Range Rover Coupe
Its no surprise when I say Land Rover are going to be creating a luxury 4X4 coupe. Especially considering the arrival of the much anticipated F-Pace from Jaguar last year. The Land Rover coupe has been sighted and is expected to share almost all of its mechanical components with its jaguar brother. This includes; engine, chassis and gearbox. Expected to  be pitched at the BMW X6 & Mercedes GLE  and starting at 60K. 
5. Kia Stinger Diesel
In January this Kia Stinger was unveiled, with mind blowing performance and an eye watering cost, putting its self up against the gods of the autobahn including; BMW 435i, Audi S5, Mercedes C350. If you are wanting the more sensible, cheaper and more economical option Kia are set to unveil the Kia Stinger diesel this year at the auto show. The diesel stinger will have 197bhp coming from a 2.2-liter engine. Expected to be around £30,000.
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