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It's all been a bit crazy with VW of late, #dieselgate the scandal of fixing emissions on various VAG vehicles for the last few years, and the fact that the US department of justice is preparing to file a lawsuit amounting to $61billion, we get a look at how Volkswagen are wanting to restore faith to its brand. The question is will the BUDD-e and the future EV's allow you to put the VW emissions scandal to the back of your mind?

Well the BUDD-e an all electric camper van or mpv as it's being called is a welcome advancement in electric vehicles. The unveiling of the all electric mpv at CES 2016 shows what the future of Volkswagen will look like, the platform on which the vehicle is buit is to be used on the next range of VW all electrics autos, the MEB Modular electric toolkit (is that what the B stands for?).

The BUDD-e is a good looking bus, it echoes design aspect of VW micro bus, which never came to fruiition, and the all electrc drivetrain with MEB platform is capable of offering 233 miles per charge and creates 302bhp, by 2019 the manufacturers say the battery will be capable of being charged to 80% in 15 mins in addition the vehicle also can harness power from the sun, this is possible due to the solar panel integrated into the autos roof. The batteries used in the 4 seater are placed along the length of the vehicle to lower the cenre of gravity and also save space, now we know it's debuting at CES however don't expect to see it till 2018.

The specs of aren't bad for this surfers dream, 0-60 in 6.9s and a top speed of 112mph.

The power is created from 2 motors a front electric motor that produces 100kW which is around 134bhp and a rear that produces 125kW around 168bhp, this gives a a combined output of over 300bhp, 84bhp more than a Mk7 Golf GTI. The Dimensions of the MPV are length 5497mm / width 1940mm / height 1835mm this puts the BUDD-e inbetween the Touran and the T6 Transporter. 
At the official unveiling in Las Vegas, VW cars ceo Dr. Herbert Diess said: 'The original Microbus was the embodiment of peace, hope and happiness, an apartment on wheels. 'The future belongs to cars that make everyone happy. We want to create a new experience of mobility.'
The current MQB platform utilised by VAG can be modified to fit most vehicles, this is the same case as the MEB platform, it could be used for a range of applications from city cars to sports cars.
Exciting times with the MEB and EV evolution for VW etc.
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