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F1 racing is taking a technological step this coming weekend in Austin. MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One team and Qualcomm teamed up to enable a wireless download of F1 car  telemetry data using a hyperfast 5 GHz Wi-Fi® Transfer during the Formula One practice sessions.

This faster car connection allows for improved efficiency, speed and vehicle safety. This milestone marks a significant improvement over currently hard wired data and telemetry offloading processes.

This latest tech advancement allows the Mercedes racing car to stay on the circuit for longer during the practice sessions allowing more time for testing vehicle configuration, providing the AMG Mercedes Petronas team with a competitive advantage.

Derek Aberle, Qualcomm President Incorporated said: “Through this project, we have learned new ways to use Wi-Fi in the automotive environment. Innovation in motorsport often drives the advancements seen in the consumer auto industry, and we believe this technology, as well as other advanced wireless technologies, has the potential to shape future developments in Dedicated Short Range Communications, Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communications. These types of technologies will lead to increased driver safety and provide important data pertaining to the vehicle’s journey.”

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