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It's an exciting time for the EV, namely due to Halo, developed and integrated by Qualcomm. In a nutshell all electric vehicles need a way to charge, however with Formula E racing cars or the new BMW i8 safety car, these charging systems need to be quick chargers which are easily connected.

Now by connecting I mean wirelessly as in the car can drive over the plate and start charging. This is where Qualcomm's Halo comes in, since last year their wireless charging has doubled its capability, the first car in the world to allow 7.2kw wireless charging - meaning it can fully charge the i8 in under an hour. Now that's pretty impressive research progression in one year. That's not the only new addition, now a driver has a larger margin of error when aligning the car with the charging pad. The car even plays a jaunty little tune when you are in the optimum charging position:

Also, the charging is controlled through the driver display - it even gives you a one-touch option to stop the car charging if you wish - this gives you freedom of movement and convenience - wirelessly. It is quick, simple and so very easy to use.


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