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BMW i8
Cars are now more advanced and futuristic then ever before. Car manufacturers are taking big leaps in becoming green. This is apparent with the all new BMW i8 which is expected to be on sale later this year. 
The all new flagship BMW i8 is shaping up nicely. The hybrid supercar is to show cased at the Frankfurt Motor Show and should be on the British roads later this year. The I8 is a serious plug in petrol sports car, setting a new standard for the hybrid. Therefore dispelling the commonly associated Prius and Leaf with the hybrid power train.
Powering this unique motor is a 129bhp eclectic motor on the front axle, which will provide 250Nm of torque. Powering the rear axle will be a mid mounted 220bhp 1.5 three cylinder petrol. Which should provide the rear axle with 200Nm of torque. Which will be manufactured in Birmingham. 
All thought the engine sizes are not substantial and hours power is on the low side. This car is able to produce a 0 - 62mph time of 4.6 seconds, which is very respectable considering it is the same as the current M3. This car also has the staggering top speed of 155mph. 
However for the most part you would buy this car for the fuel economy. The i8 claims on average it will achieve 104.6mpg. This is all achieved thanks to a lightweight build. With an aluminium space frame chassis and carbon fibber. This keeps the weight down and will also reduce the impact on the batteries. Overall the i8 weighs in at 1,480kg which is almost 200kg less than a M3.
Although the styling looks like it has been taken out of iRobot. The i8 takes its door styling from the familiar design from a Lamborghini. It has the traditional GT car seating arrangement of two seats in the front and rear of the vehicle. However the rear seats will only be suitable for a small child due to the low roof line. The i8 will also have a distinctive spoiler and air intakes located on the sides. 
The i8 is most likely to redefine the hybrid, changing people's common perceptions of hybrids from slow, dull and unpractical. The i8 has been described as a game changer for the green car market. 
The i8 may also influence future BMWs and other cars from similar manufactures. The i8 has a hopeful future and should have great customer support from BMW. There will be around 46 agents across the UK which will provide support for the i8. 
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