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Like always we will be testing all aspects of this sport utility vehicle starting with loading it with our four-man (three man tean and one woman) team and everything we need to cover the concourse automotive event including recording and photography gear.

This will be the first time we have been behind the wheel of the new MG range - Of what we saw of MG GS at the London Motor Show we expect the SUV will cope with ease the tasks we throw it, the sporty engine at around 160bhp and impressive ride height make it the perfect vehicle to travel from the Lake District down to Nottinghamshire and then onto the City Concourse in London - where we can then really get to grips with it in the city, parking, manouevring, and seeing what type of economy we can achieve.

After the car event finishes it's back to the Lake District to really put the MG through it's paces in the National park, this time fully laden with adventure gear, mountain bikes, hiking gear and bags and 3 people, we'll start our journey in Silverdale and head to the banks of Windermere, from there we'll head to Wrynose Pass where we will see how the GS copes with high altitudes, hill climbs and steep descents thus showing how the MG SUV copes on a family adventure break -

Therefore will be testing it for a long haul journey, London commute and a family adventure holiday, testing complete practicality and functionality, we can't wait hope you'l join us on our journey on our Instagram and Facebook where we will be live broadcasting.

In addition to this detailed review, we will also publish a 60 second review and a maintenance video for the MG GS How to check the oil, locations of the various filter, filling up fluids etc.

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