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Mercedes Benz is going full steam ahead into the EV market, taking on Tesla, VW and the rest of the big boys.

The German car company, based in Stuttgart, is launching two electric SUV's and two cars. This is part of their new strategy, which is based on "Suburban for Electric Cars" 

This new move is hoped to put Mercedes square on with BMW and Tesla's electric car platform role out. 

The all new electric auto range has yet to be named, and will be manufactured in the factory based in Bremmen. 

A recent report reads "From next year, the Bremmen Mercedes Plant will also build a fuel cell, electric version of the GLC SUV, that can be charged both with Hydrogen, and at a wall socket." 

Mercedes, earlier this year, confirmed that the Paris Auto Show would be the unveiling location of the first electric vehicle, which is expected to be an SUV, with a 310 mile range from a single charge, which brings it right into Tesla's ballpark. 

Up until now, Mercedes has hung back from entering the EV race, stating that the technology "wasn't quite ready" Now, however, e-mobility is firmly at the forefront of the Mercedes radar. 

This change of direction for Mercedes is not surprising, given the success seen most recently for Tesla, with pre-orders for their new Model 3 reaching three hundred and seventy three thousand (a potential fourteen billion dollars worth) already this year.

There is a lot of money to made in making EV Cars, and there are lots of car companies doing so now - Mitsubishi, Toyota, BMW, Tesla, VW, Audi, McLaren, to name but a few.

These are exciting times for e-mobility. 

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