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The new Bentley SUV has been presented at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show - however, if you want one, you will have to wait until next year, as Bentley have received enough pre-orders to completely fill all of this year's manufacturing run.


With a W12 twin turbocharged engine that will give you a top speed of 187mph, and a 0-60 range in just four seconds, this SUV retails for £160,200. Bentley aim to produce between 3,000 to 4,500 of these models per year. 

Now in it's second incarnation, the Bentayga has a beautifully refined exterior that is a combination of aluminium and steel. With fully adaptive LED lights that are designed to complement the line and curve of the car, the exterior is sleek  and refined. With a view to making this the top of the line in SUV's, Bentley have implemented an eight mode driving range - four on-road, and four off-road. With an air spring system that is controlled via computer, it covers traction, stability, damping, roll control, hill descent and even ride height. This will give you the smoothest possible ride on every surface, a promise that Bentley takes really seriously, having implemented a road test that covered five continents and a million miles in total.

A nice, nifty feature is the heads-up display, which puts important information onto the windscreen for the driver to see without distracting attention from the road (very Star Trek) and the night vision uses 'intelligent functionality' to help the driver see in the dark, able to recognise people and animals. This higher level of functionality has been designed to enhance the driver experience. For the rest of the interior, the only word for it is luxurious. The seats are designed to resemble shooting jackets, and the drivers space mimics the sweep of the Bentley wings, giving the car a superlative feel. All materials have been chosen to give this car the edge in look, feel, design and experience, and there a number of extra features that are just sweet, from the panoramic roof to the event seat in the boot.

With a choice of two or three seats in the back, later versions will go up to seven. The most exciting part of what is yet to come is Bentley's plan to intergrate hybrid engines, which will be the first in Bentley's history. A strategic move on their part, this will ensure that the Bentayga tops the list of most desirable SUV's, and will stay there in the years to come.

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