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Suzuki S Cross SX4 Hybrid SZ5 Review and Road test

(Reading time: 2 - 4 minutes)
Our long-awaited new Suzuki S Cross review is now here, and yes this features the new power train the hybrid system which combines the fantastic Boosterjet engine and a 48V electric motor battery system, we have the SX4 and it's in the SZ5 trim.
This latest model looks different to the previous gen, new vertical grille, more safety and more economy.
This funky Crossover has a range of gear boxes and AWD and 2WD and engines, there is no diesel, the no1 choice is the hybrid powertrain, and it's quite a clever system too doesn't just increase economy it also takes load of the combustion system for example things like heated seats, ICE etc draw power from the 12V battery with this new system will take power from the 48V system.
The cluster shows when power is being put back into the batteries, and you even feel a very light regen when backing off the throttle.
We have a six speed manual gearbox and Suzuki's all grip system an all wheel drive system that detects when the wheels are slipping and adjusts the power distributed to the wheels.
There are various modes Snow, Mud and an automatic mode even a Sport mode and the powertrain well it's a fantastic unit that we've already experienced in the Swift Sport.
That's right it is the 1.4 turbocharged booster jet engine with even more.
Now you might be thinking it gives quite good performance in a car but how would it cope with an SUV's weight and size, well it's very good, nippy acceleration from the lights as Annabelle demonstrates in the video it also sounds good too.
It's well kitted out inside, comfortable, sporty and has a great panoramic sunroof.
It has lots more safety to including radar braking and adaptive cruise to control this is the first time we've experienced this in the Suzuki and it was a good.
We headed into the Lake District and to find some little Trails, and may only have a 350mm ride height but that does mean that you can get a little bit more adventurous with your picnicing as we demonstrate.
The range starts at just over £20,000 how model is just over £28,000 with paint, but it is well kitted out looks the part and with that new powertrain, it really needs to be driven.
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New MG ZS 2021 1 Litre Auto Review and Road Test

(Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes)
It's here the all new MG ZS, ok technically it's a facelift meaning no powertrain tweaks, or chassis changes, however as you'll see from our new MG ZS review, alot has changed.
This is the 2021 ZS in the Exclusive trim, with the 1 litre turbo engine and 6 speed automatic gearbox.
Overall the Crossover is far more refined and it looks more individual too, with a reshaped grille which still maintains MG's design language, and other tasteful changes.
This one retails for just over £20,000 plus Dynamic Red Tri-coat paint.
The Explore trim has now been dropped meaning you can choose from the Excite and this one, the Excite manual starts at £15,495.
Theres's lots new, some subtle some quite striking, it now has Bi Projection LED lights which are automatic and if you get the Exclusive you'll get a digital cluster too, very fancy.
Exterior changes include new grille, housings on the front and rear bumpers and some styling tweaks too Chrome door handles and power folding mirrors.
The interior features a new armrest and the old school handbrake has gone too, but you do have a new feature descent control.
With lots more refinement, new keyless entry and start the new MG ZS Exclusive is going places.  
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Mercedes Benz eVito Review and Road Test

(Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes)

The Mercedes Benz Vito has been a staple for many years in the commercial world. Well the world has started to change a little, and emissions are the hot topic, meaning you've likely seen that diesel is a non starter in todays world.

This means commercial vehicle manufacturers have had to look elsewhere, enter the eVito.

It's powered by an 85kW electric motor and has a 35kWh electric battery, and the clever thing is it can regen upto 15m per charge.

You have a 93m range, which increases when used in an urban environment, there are various speed outputs ranging from 56mph to 76mph.

The shortest van has been discontinued to allow for the battery gubbins not to take up cargo space, meaning you have the L2 and L3 to choose from and 2 trims, Pure which we have and the Progressive.

You can also add options too, including power folding mirrors, reversing camera even load baring roof bars.

The Mercedes Benz eVito starts at £39,000 and costs as little as 2p per mile, it's the perfect van for local deliveries.



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New Honda Jazz Crosstar Review and Road Test 2020

(Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes)

The brand new Honda Jazz Crosstar has been alongtime coming courtesy of global events, but was it worth the wait? 

Oh yes.

This is not your stereotypical Jazz, and may well attract a younger audience with it's funky looks and impressive styling and of course the addition an offroad style bodykit.

It's a bit of a beast and looks quite a bit different to the standard Jazz.

It's powered by the same powertrain, yes like the Jazz there is one to choose from the e:HEV which comprises of a 1.5 iVTEC engine, 2 high energy electric motors -one to charge and one to propel and an eCVT.

It does have a range of additions for the extra price including water repellant funky interior, 30mm higher ride height allowing you to be alittle more adventurous on your extreme picniccing and of course uprated infotainment system.

Safety has also been notched up with the Honda sensing suite which includes adaptive cruise control, collision detection and hanow has 10 airbags.

The baby crossover come Citycar retails for just over £22,600.

Please enjoy and we've just had a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross delivered, sadly one the last cars we'll ever get from the Colt Car Company due to Mitsubishi pulling out of Europe.

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New BMW M235i Gran Coupe Review and Road Test

(Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes)
It's here the new BMW 2 Series F44 M235i, a new look, new engine even a new drive train.
This model retails for just under £44,000.
The new model now sports the B48 engine a 2 litre Turbo 4 cylinder rather than the 6 cylinder previously used.
This is one cool car with more practicality allowing for 4 over 6ft adults to sit comfortably in the Gran Coupe, well trimmed, refined with mood lighting, we ven had a 16 speaker Harmon Kardon system.
The engine generates 306bhp and get you 0-60 in under 5 seconds, the auto box is responsive and the modes easily transform the driving experience.
This car is built on UKL2 platform which is the platform used for some Mini cars and the new 1 series, it offers a different experience to say a RWD 3 series.
Our model the M235i has xDrive, however you can get smaller engines with front wheel drive, there is no RWD anymore.
As with all BMW cars and SUV's you can get add a range of options known as packs including a driving assistant and comfort pack etc, we have adaptive cruise control with stop go and numerous safety bits, as well as ICON LED headlamps with high beam assist.
The new 2 Series starts at around £26,500 and you can get a range of models.
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New Honda Jazz Hybrid 2020 Review and Road Test

(Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes)

The Honda Jazz, a car that has been somewhat stereotyped for the last few years, has ths latest variant got what it takes to break this?

Well in a word, yes - let us explain

The new Hybrid Jazz has a 1.5 iVTEC DOHC engine, an electric motor and an eCVT, it'll pull 0-60 in around 9.5 seconds and offers around 65mpg.

It's not the fastest ca, yet it's engaging and fun on a backroad, and the hybrid system works very well, seamless transition betwen all 3 modes, we managed around 45mph on pure electric, and the B mode on the transmission really works with recharging quicker.

There are 3 trims to choose from and the Crosstar which will follow this.

Our model retails for around £22,000, we have the EX trim which builds on the SE and SR which include Active Cruise Control and Honda Sensing - the EX has additional Blind spot monitoring and Cross Traffic alert.

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Mini Electric 2020 Review and Road Test

(Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes)
The Mini electric review is here, this ev car starts around £25,000 including the government grant in the UK and you can choose from the level 1, 2  or 3, ours is a 2 which is mid spec, and includes heated seats etc, ours retailed for just under £26,500.
The electric Mini has been on the cards for quite some time there were even some prototypes quite some years ago and the dev time makes sense too, Mini and their customers wanted an electric mini, perfect for commuting, with a reasonable price and characteristics of the car they know and loved, in a word a Mini with pure electric powertrain, with no compromise on the existing platform yet still offering you the engaging and fun drive you bought the car for in the first place.
The challenge came with making it electric yet keeping it as it looked, yet 0 emission, the ev gubins and know how came from the BMW i3, a great car in itself - but the clever thing about the Mini is it is exactly as it was - It is just electric, no compromise on safety, no compromise on space and quite surprisingly just as fun just a different power delivery.
The tech guys knew keeping it an engaging drive would need some thinking, hence the laid the batteries on the chassis in a specific format to aid this.
Range wise you're looking at 140 miles however it will go up or down depending on how you drive.
A very reasonably priced electric car with the pzazz of the original, it may take a while to get used to instant power, but it's worth it.
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