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The roll out has begun for Lynk & Co’s 01 which has already become the fastest selling car in the world. The new urban mobility brand launched its online and instore market places, as the 01 goes on sale in china. 
Designed and engineered in Sweden - already we are off to a good start… Announcing that sales shall go through there innovative online subscriptions or retail boutiques and stores, the companies next target is Europe, not bad just one year after the company’s birth.
This new model of sales seems to be working for Lynk & Co. There first online store, which opened for ‘pre-sales’ on the 17th November. Broke all records of sales since they began, receiving 6,000 orders for the 01 in just over two minutes. Amazingly they sold out in 137 seconds during there three day pre sales event.  
A simplistic online ordering systems seems to be key to there success… it couldn’t be more simple replicating the in-store experience and simplicity of choice with our unique ‘explorator’ carousel.  Just stop on the car you like and subscribe online, this proved to be popular with Chinese customers during the pre sales event. 
On the 28th November sales officially start with some 150 brand boutiques and stores about to open across China which there unique showrooms feature café-bar, cinema and children’s play area. Inspiration by fashion and technology base models, entry points and endless options lists, have been abandoned. Trim levels and optional extras are replaced with a simple selection of fully equipped, one price models. 
The first collections of Chinese specification 01 SUVs feature Volvo-derived petrol engines.  Upon the 01’s arrival in Europe, new electrified powertrains will feature as standard with more technology and connectivity functions also added to suite the European market. Unfortunately the price will reflect this being slightly more expensive than the cars sold in china.
You will find a range of connected technologies on offer in the vehicles, from a sharing function with the world’s first in-car share button, to wireless charging with a dedicated Lynk & Co app store. This is all in aid of making life easier on the move.  Described as a ‘smartphone on wheels’, all models come with a large central touchscreen and telematics systems, cars will always connected to the internet and the car’s own cloud system.
This redefining direction which Lynk & Co are taking could really shake up the Automotive industry within Europe defiantly introducing some radically different concepts and ideas which have not been seen before within the western car industry. 
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