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Ever heard of Steemit? Well Planetauto is now on this fabulous platform, a writing platform populated by many talented writers, writing about anything and everything including cars, and there I see lots of information whether that be news, history or just pictures.
We were introduced to this platform by a friend of ours whom we met at Goodwood Revival, Michelle.Gent, she mentioned we would be able to get our content out to a completely new audience, so we thought what an amazing idea why not give it a try and over the last two weeks we've put up various car related articles on the platform. This is a blogging platform that features everything from trains to plants to novelists publishing daily. We will be posting everything from launchs through to our Goodwood Revival coverage and everything in between.
Annabelle has been writing about Christine the Car from Stephen King which has to consume souls to continue to live, well actually blood and bone and she hasn't stopped there, also an article entitled 'If you were a car, what car would you be?' There you have it.
Steemit it so far is shaping up to be a very good platform for the latest information on cars and everything from the history of the automobile through to the latest models available in different countries. The whole experience is really enhanced by a diverse active crowd to share it with, we have a lot of love for this writing platform and as you know Planet Auto has been growing over the last year with its new direction of car reviews amongst other things with Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and of course the website.
This is a completely new direction for us, a platform that easily allows you to add an article, some images and even links and let's people vote on it, this is the perfect place to find and post car related articles say the launch of a new car or a auto model that you believe deserves recognition. Steemit is a very clever platform allowing people to generate money on popular articles it uses a crypto currency not to dissimilar to Bitcoin. A contributer can make a decent amount of money, this can really inspire you to write, 
On Steem it you can find any number of stories, writings and pictures on the latest cars through to the recent news Uber has been blacklisted from operating in London, as long as there cars included we're happy. If you're looking for a new platform to contribute to and find out the latest information on cars and earn with a crypto currency known as steem power.
We've just written an intro on the writing and blockchain website explaining where Planet Auto came from, who we consist of annd announce to the world that we now do car reviews from some of the biggest manufacturers in the world the and we cover some of the biggest world shows in the world shows like Goodwood revival city concours and Autosport International and not just that we are launching a completely new collaboration with a real Steem head Michelle.Gent and S0u1 named, all in good time. In the intro you can also read about Michael Eastwell who is seeking a sponsor to allow him to enter Formula e, already a renowned Karting and Formula Ford driver this young driver has set his sights on the sustainable motorsport.
Have a look at SteemIt we did, and we love it.
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