Model S60 Tesla

It's happened the Elon Musk offering of the Model S has been reintroduced, the Model S 60 is lower spec version of it's big brother,

The Tesla Model 3 is nearly here

It's been 10 years in the making, and it's nearly here - the ev that is designed to take the electric car mainstream. On March 31st 2016, the Tesla Model 3 will be unveiled to the world by Elon Musk. Tesla already has a great following, and why not with such innovative electric vehicles as the Model S, Model X and the Roadster, phenomenally good cars.

Tesla Model 3 will be another 2 years

Tesla Model 3
If you're after one of the highly anticipated Tesla Model 3, this new offering from Elon Musk EV billed as a more affordable alternative than its predecessor, well you may have a little longer to wait, in fact a few more years to be exact.

Chinese Tesla clones appear

With every car success whether an EV, Diesel or Petrol find a Chinese copy, this time with the Tesla Model S.

Tesla S is selling like hot cakes, slight recall though

It's official the Tesla S is red hot, smoking indeed on sales and it's stock has increased by 10%, a phenominal amount. The Green super car or sports car or what ever you want to call is loved, the Californian company have made an electric car that is an object of desire, and doesn't guzzle gas (petrol to us).