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It's official the Tesla S is red hot, smoking indeed on sales and it's stock has increased by 10%, a phenominal amount. The Green super car or sports car or what ever you want to call is loved, the Californian company have made an electric car that is an object of desire, and doesn't guzzle gas (petrol to us).

Will this car mark the beginning of the desirable electric car, lets face it many cars started off not ideally, Subaru and Skoda to name just two. 

What we would like to see is a Tesla Car Show, now that would turn some heads, S models roaring, erm silently, ermmm rolling up drag strips. Tesla have announced they sold 6900 models in the last 3 months of 2013. 

The BEV has been a learning curve, and the latest recall by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) on Monday 13th January proves this, a recall for some Tesla Universal Mobile Connector power adapters, saying they had a tendency to overheat in a way that could burn the cars owners.

Tesla explained the overheating issue occurred due to "corrosion, physical damage to receptacles, or inappropriate wiring or installation of electrical outlets," a software fix has been rolled out, the fix: if the car detects overheating it will now automatically step down the charging current by 25 per cent. The company as precautionary measure is also giving owners a  new power adaptor cables with an additional thermal fuse.

Founder Elon Musk retaliated on Twitter to defend his BEV and rephrase some of the words used by the NHTSA. 

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