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The much respected tesla brand has just gone on sale in the UK, despite a hiccup with some bad press recently. You can now get the all electric performance car for just under £50,000 (including the governments £5,000 grant), in the UK.
So why would you get a Tesla model S not one of its competitors such as the new BMW I3, Toyota Prius or the Nissan leaf,considering that they are all at least £10,000 cheaper.
The tesla model S does something which none if the competitors can pull off. Without compromise is something which comes to mind; comfort, speed and handling are all something which have been achieved with this car. The tesla offers an extensive options list, leather interior, panoramic roof, touch screen sat-nav and entertainment system. As well as it being a good car to drive. A good drivers car is one of the most important things. With the electric car age dawning it is imperative that this new age of cars are kept exciting and interesting. All thought they will never have the passion of a V8 or V12 this does make them one step closer.
The battery's that power the electric motor are in the floor panel. This gives it a low center gravity. This means that it is able to corner extremely well. Competing with some of the more normal BMW 5 series or Mercedes E Class. This also shares a rear wheel drive system, making the car that little bit less sad.
One of the most impressive things about this car is its 0-60 time. Clocking in at just under 6 seconds (5.9 seconds) this makes it much faster than some of its competition which are several seconds slower. The BMW 5 series is at 6.1 second although that is close the tesla is electric and is faster. 
Despite all of the perks getting a tesla there is only one primary reason why one would buy a electric car. economy. With this being a fully electric vehicle it does mean that it is able to have one of the best fuel Economy, one of the best in its class and size. Tesla say that the highest end and most expensive model S will do up 300 Kmh. This is around the same as the BMW I3 however this is a much smaller vehicle.
Other cars such as the BMW 5 series or the new Mercedes e class total at around 100kmh on one fill up however that is a heavy price considering the full prices today. So if you want a car which can get you from town to town. A city run about the new tesla model S is for you. However it's downfall like all other electric cars is the range. You would not realistically be able to drive from one end of the country to another, drive across Europe in this car. Unless you have a holiday doing it.
Despite all of the different problems with the tesla I would still have one. As well as the expensive price tag the earliest you will get your tesla will be Easter 2014. So if you are willing to wait and have 50,000 laying around the tesla model S is for you.
I think if tesla do offer a more affordable option then the car will be a great option here in Britain providing the practicality and use ability which other manufactures have not been able to pull off yet. 
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