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Long time followers of the site might remember articles and videos posted about the restoration of my 1973 beetle and Triumph TR4. Needless to say it has been a labor of love, 4 years later where do we stand?
Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. The Beetle has not changed, besides the removal of the interior and changing the rear wings from fiber glass back the originals not a lot else has changed. This has been down to a lack time and ability to fund the project at this current moment in time. But there are plans in the pipeline. My mindset at the moment with the project it it is worth doing it right first time. In my mind this means that the car is going to have to be striped back to bear metal and as much of the car as possible shall be new. My plan is to keep the car semi original too. My plan is to have the car painted an aqua blue and to have some 6 spoke alloy wheels. I think this project is going to take place later this year and should be completed later 2018.
You might remember from the TR4 Restoration video. Well good news, its almost finished. The car is now fully painted and has been reassembled. We are now just waiting on some fiddly electrical work for the dashboard, getting the seats in and a good wash and the car shall be show ready. This car has undergone a complete restoration. Everything from seats to striping the car back to bear metal using a sand blaster. Although this has been a lengthy processes no corners have been cut and the hard work really does show in the quality of the work which has been carried out. This car is defiantly aimed at the higher price bracket of TR4s. Their shall be a gallery of the restoration uploaded to the site within the coming weeks; Click here for that.
The MGTF was started towards the end of the TR4 restoration video. What a job it has been now in the third year of restoration and we are still a long way from being done. This particular car has been imported from California, America. The car had been seen in many pictures however not in person before brought. Some would say this is risky, however we do have our full trust in our source the other side of the pond. The MG has been involved in a role over crash in what we believe to be the 80s and had been put into storage ever sins and was left untouched. This several year undertaking is defiantly a labor of love, theirs no chance any time soon of it even coming close to selling the car for a profit. The sheer amount of man hours and amount spend on parts goes in to the tens of thousands of pounds, just about every part of the car has been lovingly restored or replaced for new. Even still we are a awfully long way of completion. Currently undergoing some wood work repairs on the body and then to undergo another respray and reassembly, there is still a lot of time and money to be spend here. I shall keep the site updated with any developments and the finished result (This could be in a few years to come).
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