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I’ll have you know, these conceptions are well and truly outdated: we do have horses, but we drive them - I drive 641 at once. Also, we know a lot about Exotic and Supercars, and quite a few of us are owners.
^650s Spider
My name is Heather, and I have owned a total of 4 Supercars as of now. And yes, I’m a female Supercar owner - a woman can own and drive a Supercar the way its meant to be driven. I should know - as I have owned a Bentley Continental W12, a McLaren 570s, and a Bentley GT3R.
I do get a lot of attention driving my Mantis Green Supercar, with Dihedral doors (obviously) which is a 650s Spider, part of McLaren’s Super Series.
In the next few minutes, I am going to take you through my experience with my Gorgeous Supercar, and some facts regarding it.
I will start with what we all need to know about the McLaren 650s Spider:
  • Maximum Speed: 329 KPH / 204 MPH
  • 0-100 KPH 3.0s / 0-100 MPH 5.8s
  • 0-400M (¼ mile sprint) 10.6s @ 222 KPH (138 MPH )
  • Engine: 3.8-Liter twin-turbo V8
  • Valvetrain: 32-Valve DOHC, VVT
  • Power: 650 PS (478 KW)   641 BHP @7 .250 RPM
  • Chassis: Carbon Fiber MonoCell
  • Base Price: $265,500 (USD)
The Vehicle Stability Control Modes are Normal, Sport and Track. A few things to help with all of this engine power and different modes is ABS, Traction Control, ESC, Launch Control, Brake Steer and Active Aero. This car weighs in right around 3,000 pounds, give or take, and with a seven speed dual clutch SSG (seamless shift gearbox), and it’s V8 engine, you are sure to get where you want, with ease.
British Supercar
I am not one to keep this Gorgeous Beast caged, which gives me the pleasure of driving the 2016 McLaren 650s Spider every day. I attend quite a few car shows and different events around town. I also drive this car daily, even for a trip to the market or just up the street for a coffee - and why not?
I have even just returned from driving her on a 600 mile plus road trip to Austin, Texas via Hill Country. This event was wonderfully put together by The Scuderia Society, and I attended this drive with about 30 other Exotic car owners. During this Hill Country Drive, I experienced an attack on the senses that was unimaginable! I don’t think I let the RPMs get under 4,000, and around most turns it was above 7,000.  The car is a BEAST.  It redlines at 8,500…Occasionally I would switch the “bipolar settings” (as I call them) to track mode, where the car would get a little loose if you really got on it.  Mostly it was in manual shifting capability so I could control the awesome acoustics coming from behind me.  
The car is so balanced and has very little body movement no matter how quickly I was turning corners.  The thought for the day was this: “Whatever the speed limit/warning sign ahead… Double it…” I don’t recall smiling as much as I have during those few hours. 
Mantis Mclaren
The day after the drive, McLaren, whom the event was sponsored by, let all of the other car owners of Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo test drive their 570s cars out and around Austin. Many of the driver’s came back wishing they had had a McLaren on the previous day’s drive, due to how well the British Supercar hugs the curves of the road.
McLaren is really making stupendous progress - they have come a long way in a short amount of time. The new 720s lets you experience a thrill, and the excitement is unmatched...I cannot wait to see what will come next. There is a sort of an inside joke around here that I am the “unofficial” cheerleader for McLaren. Well, if you believe in something, whether it be a football team or an amazing line up of Supercars, I say Cheer On. 
Until next time, get out and drive!

Heather's Instagram Sheswithoutfear

Photo Credit: @hsdiocee & @jose.luna69

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