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It now appears that the 2003 model is going to be replaced with an 8th Gen Model.  A lucky few - we have heard - have been invited in March 2017, to see the unveiling of the 2018 Phantom Rolls Royce. We are contacting all of our sources to see if we can garner an invite.
The Phantom 2018 - as it's dubbed - was first spied  in November 2016, covertly ambling through the British countryside, aptly wrapped in camouflage, safe from prying eyes. This new RR incarnation is built on a brand new spaceframe architecture, made completely from aluminium, weighing in at only 5,600 pounds, which will aid the luxury marks dynamics. This platform is the basis for the foreseeable future builds. 
Rolls Royce have utilised this architecture, which allows them to vary size, and ride height, allowing them to make a range of future vehicles, including convertibles, coupes, saloons, and the much anticipated "Project Cullinan" the code name given to the Rolls Royce SUV, which has already been snapped, spy-shot style, whilst in testing. 
The new Phantom has an enhanced look, with more emphasis to the rear whilst maintaining the desirability and breeding of it's predecessor, matched with the latest technology. Two versions of the new Phantom have been spotted during testing - a limousine style model, with an extended wheelbase, stretching to nearly 20 feet, and an original length model. 
The interior seems to have adopted a lot of BMW's styling, with the addition of some luxurious styling. A lot of this is open to interpretation, as previous spy shots show most of the interior as being masked. 
A new direction for Rolls Royce is the hybrid Phantom, which has replaced the concept of a full EV car, due to feedback. However, you can still get your hands on the infamous V12 version. 
Purists will be glad to know that the trademark grill still remains, with sleeker new headlamps, and shapely bumpers. The bespoke options will still remain a key aspect, although the traditional dials have been replaced with tech versions, for better or for worse. 
Rolls have added, there will not be a new version of either the Phantom Drophead or the Phantom Coupe. This is likely due to the success of the Dawn, and the Wraith Models.
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