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This is the new, fully electric Volvo - the C40 Recharge.

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Welcome to Scotland, and we're just outside Edinburgh for the Genesis Scottish Open. With the GV60 Sport Plus, a fully electric SUV Coupe on a completely new platform, well for Genesis, it's actually the Hyundai e-GMP platform and this fab EV starts at around £43,000 including a 5 Year Care Plan, intrigued? 
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Are you going to be celebrating World EV Day tomorrow September 9th, or have you not got a clue what it is?
World EV day is a day to celebrate EV mobility, sustainable transport and the shift from ICE to Electric for consumers and business.
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Peugeot is celebrating its 50th anniversary of the city car this year,
and this was ideal as we got to see there latest EV arguably a city car if not a touch bigger at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2022, the Peugeot e208 GT is a rather fancy electric car with a decent price and range.
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This is the completely new MG4, a fully electric family car for under £26,000 - intrigued? Read on

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The new MG4 EV is just around the corner and we've just seen the release price, and to put it bluntly they're quite staggering - considering its a full BEV that starts at less than £26,000 for a family sized electric car, the new MG goes on sale in September

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This is the Audi Q4 e-tron 40 tfsi in the launch edition in Aurora Violet.

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YES, the T90EV from Maxus is now classed as a commercial vehicle meaning you can get your VAT back, bravo - not only that it's available to order from August 2022 with delivery expected early 2023 starting at just under £50,000.

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