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If you are in the market for a luxury SUV, it would be worth your while to have a closer look at the Genesis range, especially now that several models in their range are fully electric. 

Availble in the U.K. since Summer 2021, the luxury arm of Kia and Hyundai bring Korean hospitality to a wider audience, and it's interesting to see how they fuse the innovation and technical prowess of the two automotive giants mixed with the luxury and lavishness that Genesis bring to everything they touch.

Whilst luxury cars are abundant on U.K. roads, the majority of them are from German manufacturers. Genesis are here to directly compete with them, doing so with style and flair, and (quite importantly) a lower price tag. Their brand identity is - in their own words "Audacious, Progressive and Distinctly Korean" meaning each car is made to a very high level, and yet, brings something extra. 

So what sets their cars apart? As Korean hospitality is a philosophy in and of itself, the Genesis way is based on the principle of "Son-Nim" where every customer is their guest, and as each guests time is precious, they are to be respected. This philosophy is the basis of not just how customers are treated, it is the basis of how the cars are built in the first place. It's true that the experience that Genesis offer their customers is designed to stand apart from their competitors, and combine the world of luxury, design and technology in flawless symmetry.


We had had the GV70 on review early in 2022, and were excited to see their electrified version in the flesh. As the road to 2030 draws closer, Genesis will transition all of their models to pure electric by this deadline. This electrified version of their GV70 SUV is one of the first steps towards this goal.

It's only available in one trim - the Sport - and it's powered by a 77.4kWh battery that delivers 320kW's to the drive motor. Prices start from £64,405.00, and their are options available that include a number of packs such as The Innovation Pack, The Lexicon Audio System and the Second Row Comfort Seat Pack.

Join us as we get behind the wheel to see if this is the best electric SUV on the road.


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 @genesis_europe  #genesis #gv70 #genesisgv70 #genesisgv70ev

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