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One such event happened rather near to us, as a convoy of the station wagons travelled down from Inverness, taking in breathtaking landscapes along the way.

About fifteen months ago, Ben attended the Duncombe Park Estate Leg of their tour, where he got to ride shotgun in one of their crudely finished prototypes. To be honest, it looked military spec, which was rather apt, as the driver was somewhat skilled at off roading with the military - or should I say army!

Ben saw first hand how capable the Grenadier was, with a culmination of the BMW powertrain and Grenadier's refinement, yet knowing that this is unstoppable - off road. On road offers you the perfect motorway vehicle. For an insight into it's true calling, just take a look at what we witnessed last week. 

To give you a taster - quicksand, sea water, clambering through rock pools, mud - and everything in between - and with no less than seventeen Grenadier M1 Station Wagons...

In case you are wondering, these start at £55,000.00, however all of that information is in the video.

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