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We got behind the wheel of the latest Polo GTI at a recent VW driving day, and what a day it was!

We headed down to Banbury, and The Great Barn for a day filled with Volkswagen-y goodness, and the very first car we took out was the Polo. 

Powered by a two litre petrol engine coupled to a seven speed DSG, this small car certainly can shift. In fact, it seems to be more like our Mk2 Golf GTI, and when you see the interior, I'm sure you will agree with us. It has a classic GTI tartan that hearkens back to the original interior from back in the day. It's lovely to see VW are honouring what came before, as it's a legacy that means a lot to so many people. 

There are four trims in the range to choose from:

Life - from £19,505.00 on the road

Style - from £22,580.00 on the road

R-Line - from £22,580.00 on the road

GTI - from £28,540.00 on the road

Only the GTI is fitted with the two litre - quite apt, really - with a one litre, or a one litre TSI to choose from.

So why is this new Polo more like the Golf's of old? A new engine - combined with a capable chassis - is what gives this new Polo a punchiness that's been missing in previous generations, and is why we felt like it handles like our Mk2. 

Combine this with the uprated design features (inside and out, including a sportier rear bumper for the GTI trim) and the fact that it's as comfortable as well as quick, and what you have is a real contender in the supermini category. We found it a versatile ride, great for daily trips and yet can really open up on a back road. Ben had oodles of fun in it.

There is also the option to upgrade the seats if the standard sports seats aren't to your liking, with Comfort Sport an option, so you know that VW have thought about how to make this hot hatch as versatile as possible. Whilst some have felt that the steering is a little vague, we didn't find it to be so.

Join us as we spend some time with this lovely little sporty number.


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