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The MG HS is now a hybrid, to be exact it's actually a PHEV, and can be charged at home or with a Type 2 charger.

We had the HS Exclusive on review for 7 days, meaning we had chance to really get to grips with it, the petrol HS was a great SUV, and this builds on that by offering over 30 miles of pure electric range, 275bhp meaning 0-60 in around 7s and upto 130mpg.

It's full of premmium materials, safety and features a 10 speed automatic gearbox.

Our model retails for just over £32,000

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Mercedes Benz eSprinter Review

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The Mercedes Benz eSprinter is an interesting alternative to the diesel, the first thing you need to know though is this van will not suit everybody.

The Electric Sprinter is powered by a 90kW electric motor develops 114 bhp and offers just over 90 miles of range, it has driving modes and 4 levels of regenerative braking.

It has a lower payload limit than the eVito and comes in one size and trim L2 H2 and Progressive.

This is the perfect van for a local delivery company, motorway driving is possible and in all honesty it drives great weight, find out more in our review. 

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Audi A3 Sportback 40 TFSI e Review & Road Test

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Welcome to the new Audi A3 Sportback PHEV Powered by a 4 cylinder, 1.4 TFSI engine which is Euro 6 with an 80 kw electric motor, coupled to a 6 speed S Tronic dual clutch automatic gearbox.

Need to charge? well a full charge from empty will take a little over 4 hours using a Type 2 charger.

You can choose from three trims in the range, the S, the S Line and the S Line Competition – and it’s built on the VW Golf chassis as well as other VWG cars including the Octavia from Skoda.


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SsangYong Musso Rhino Review 2020

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We welcome the LWB variant of the SsangYong Musso, the Rhino - Yes this pickup truck is now even longer, meaning it can carry a more bulky payload.
The Musso is built on the Rexton platform, therefore offers SUV style driving, bear in mind though this is a ladder chassis, so it doesn't offer the refinement of say a BMW X5, it is good though.
It now has uprated rear suspension including leaf springs to cope with the extra weight, meaning the driving isn't quite as refined as say the Saracen which has coilies on the rear.
The powertrain for both models consists of a 2.2 litre SsangYong 4 cylinder diesel Euro 6 engine which develops 181bhp and delivers 420nm of torque, you then have the option of a manual or an auto.  
Now the Rhino is only available with the 6 Speed Automatic, which is a pretty good box, as you'll see from the review.
The Musso and the Rhino are virtually the same vehicle, both double cabs, both can carry just over 1.1T on the bed, can tow 3.5T and have the same offroad system, 
Now the Rhino LWB does have a  few additions including RCTA, 17"s and front parking sensors.
This behemoth at over 5,4m long offers a decent drive, smooth changes and even 3 driving modes including POWER, it tows with ease and copes with offroad terrain too, it's PT four wheel drive with 4 Hi and 4 Lo with descent control, the video expalins more about the AWD sytem and shows what it'll cope with.
The model we had retails £29,995 exc VAT.
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MG5 SW Review and Road Test

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Welcome to our full review and road test of the MG5 SW EV, this is the first electric station wagon in Europe, and yes it doesn't really look like an MG, mind you that's not surprising as it's based on the Roewe ei5.
The electric estate car offers a combined range of 214 miles - which increases to a rather healthy 276 in a city environment, and don't forget you can regen and recoup miles too - the new 5 SWEV offers great economy, style and versatility, as well as rather engaging drive.
This car suits so many people, whether it's due to you heading into ULEZ zones or you wnat a cost effective way to carry cargo, passengers or simply for active sports, you need to drive the MG5 SW to find out for yourself.
What amazed us, was how easily it coped with steep climbs & descents, hairpins, chilly temperature and far more, just watch our Road Trip to find out more. 
Prices for the MG5 range start at £24,495.00 for the Excite and £26,495.00 for the Exclusive - both after the OLEV Grant has been applied.
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New Renault Clio 2021 RS Line

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The all new Renault Clio, the perfect supermini?

The Clio has been being made for over 30 years, and this latest generation really ups the game.

The model we have is the RS Line in magnificient celadon blue, and a number packs including the Motorway pack and Luxury pack.

We have a 130bhp 1.3 litre 4 cylinder engine coupled to a 7 speed dual clutch gearbox and this warm hatch will hot 60 in around 9 seconds.

There is a range of engines to choose from as well as various power outputs with the petrol variant, there is a diesel and even a hybrid, which can run on pure electric.

Our model with packs retails for £22,705.


The car is one of the best handling cars we've driven in some time, and offers a dynamic driving experience, we obviuosly don't wnat to give too much away,

we can also say the combo of the 1.3 and the gearbox is pretty unbeatable, lightining changes, no turbo lag to speak of and decent performance, and even driven by Ben still offering 42mpg.

Find out more in the video.

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New SsangYong Tivoli 2020 Review and Road test

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The new SsangYong Tivoli may not look too different to the previous gen, however there are changes to the front, back and even the interior - for example there is new styling round the LED front fogs, grille and headlamps as well as some shaping on the rear bumper and that's just exterior.

The interior is where you'll see the biggest changes, it has a new cluster and if you go for the ultimate you get a full digital cluster which has multiple displays some of the styling has changed on the dash, including the shaping, position of things like vents, you still have rotary dials but the central one for the air-conditioning has now gone, overall its more minimalist and flows better, and it's not just styling that has changed either, we now have new engines.

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