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Not too long ago, we were given a pack of garage wipes from UltraGrime.

If you've ever had a job to do with your car, house, garage or garden, it can get messy, can't it? One thing that helps is to wear gloves, but the last thing you want to do is to use loads of kitchen roll cleaning things up.

These wipes are extra large, and have been designed to stay wet for over an hour after you have pulled it out of the packet. Combine this feature with it's size, and you've got a lot of cleaning power to hand. They also claim that they won't dry out, even if you leave the container open. I only had the packet open for about thirty minutes, and I can say that these wipes stayed moist, and ready to use.

The first job was car related - not really surprising when you consider what we do here at Planetauto - and Ben undertook changing the headlamps on Lady Dorothy - our classic C124 Mercedes Benz, and used the garage wipes that UltraGrime sent us:

As you can see, these wipes made short work of the mess that comes with cleaning up a car maintenance project. These wipes are huge, measuring 25cm by 38cm's, they are great for cleaning up dirt, oil, grease mud, lubricant, fuel and much, much more. 

They are hard wearing, flexible and durable - yet soft! A nice touch is that they also contain Vitamin E, making sure that using them won't cause the skin on your hands to dry out.

One of things I loved about them was how versatile they are. When we were at Silverstone, getting ready for the Retro Run Parade Lap, a couple of garage wipes were perfect for making sure our classic car was show ready.


In fact, another cleanup job was needed in order to get Lady Dorothy ship-shape - her bumpers.

Once back home, Ben made short work of using these wipes around the house too. These wipes are just as effective on window frames!

So when you have a job to do - either around the house, in the garden or in the garage - you might want to try out the UltraGrime Wipe range, in a selection of 80 or 40 wipe pack sizes:

Life Garage Clothwipes
Life DIY Clothwipes
Life Family Clothwipes
Life Outdoor Clothwipes
Life Pet Clothwipes
Life BBQ Clothwipes
Life Anitbacterial Clothwipes
Life Multi-Purpose Pomelo Clothwipes
Life Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes

They also offer a line of Pro Clothwipes too - they come in packs of 100 extra, extra large wipes:
Pro: Powerscrub
Pro: Multiuse
Pro: Bio
Pro: Anti-Bac


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