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Here is our 1st in a series of detailing tips from Miles Drive, to help you detail and protect your car - 
Scenario:- Dirty vehicle, not been washed for around four weeks (sometime longer!) and your struggling to remember it’s true colour….so where do we start?
Well I recommend starting with the wheels, why? Brake dust and road grime builds up here the most (if your one 
of those people with carbon ceramic brakes on your 918 or LAF, then it will only be road grime!) So if you had begun with the body, then clean the wheels, upon cleaning the wheels it’s likely the dirt will spray onto the clean bodywork.
To begin, power wash the wheels (including tyres & arches) first (if it’s hot or your vehicle is parked in the Sun, then one wheel at a time) to remove as much of the dirt without hand contact to minimise the possibility of scratching & marring the surface.
Then spray an APC (all-purpose cleaner) to the tyre & arch, apply a wheel cleaner to the whole of the wheel including inside the barrel. Using appropriate brushes agitate the arch, tyre & wheel, remembering to clean inside the wheel barrel, reaching as much as you can (rinsing the brushes with clean water regularly). When finished, again power wash thoroughly to remove the loosened dirt.
Finally dry the wheel & tyre, ready for a tyre dressing and a wheel sealant or wheel wax – these two final stages really help with maintaining a clean wheel and most importantly makes future cleaning easier & faster. I recommend having a bucket to store your wheel brushes in and fill with clean water, also hanging your cleaning bottles from the lip and moving the bucket around as you clean each wheel, this ensures all your ‘wheel clean’ equipment is to hand.
Additional wheel cleaning options are iron fallout decontamination removal, tar removal, clay bar the surfaces to remove embedded contaminants. Please remember if carrying out these additional cleans, still carry out the basic wash first and do finish with a sealant or wax.
Ultimate wheel cleaning option is to remove the wheels from the vehicle for a through, intensive clean using all the above (basic, fallout, tar & clay bar). Finishing with a coating, often referred to as a ceramic coating, which provides a professional grade protection with longevity.
To see some examples of Miles Drives detailing take a look at Instagram: @miles_drive | YouTube: youtu.be/wkeSqfbsuF0
About Miles Drive
I’ve always been ‘into’ cars……washing my Dad’s Ford Cortina, Vauxhall Cavalier……hmmm showing my age!
I left school and went straight into a 4-year apprenticeship with Hertfordshire Constabulary as a Vehicle Technician. The then Fleet Manager, was very ‘old school’ and wanted my journey to encompass every area of the operation, service, repair, motorbikes, bodyshop, equip-for-service (applying livery, fitting lights & sirens etc).
My final year was at Luton Uni, on a IMI management course. I was fortunate enough to work in every section, this has served me well with my current Detailing & Valeting business using all the skills learnt in the Bodyshop & Equip-for-Service sections. I was also fortunate enough to be trained by the Police driving school, including evasive/protection driving skills. I did progress through the ranks, managing both satellite workshops.
I left in 2005, due to the onset of privatisation of the fleet department. Since then I have worked in the Broadcast Industry (design & installation of media suites for BBC, Siemens, ITV & many companies within London & Manchester), qualified Financial Adviser (unfortunately not long before the ‘financial crash’) & also a qualified driving instructor (at time a extremely stressful occupation, but rewarding too).
Weekends & in my spare time I have always valeted & detailed cars, friends, family, neighbours, etc. Leading me to my current position of mobile detailing & valeting full time for the last two years.

If you like to contact Andy please call: 07791 230864 | email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | web: www.milesdrive.co.uk

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