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Ever wondered how show cars get the shine and achieve flawless paintwork? Or how some wheels look like they should be in a showroom rather than on a daily whip or even the best way to clean and wax your car? These are detailing questions we ask ourselves day in day out - Well we caught up with Paul Dolden Details to ask him some questions on the best detailing tips, and keeping your cars the way they should look.

You can check out Paul Dolden Details to give you the latest car detailing tips, there's also a little about how Paul got into the business.

There's many examples of Paul's detailing work on YouTube, have a look.

The word detailing in the UK used to be known as valeting however the US term has taken over and detailing has become very big business.on is our new resident detailer and all round car lover and of course detailing enthusiast-

Here's what Paul had to tell us about his calling when we chatted to him over the weekend, "I got into detailing around 8 years ago through a friend who owned a Subaru Impreza and now runs his own detailing business. After seeing what could be done to make a car look new again I decided to have a go myself learning as I went along I've seen the amazing results that can be achieved just by using some simple methods and it doesn't have to cost the earth."

"As time has gone on I saw myself working on other people's cars and seeing there faces when they come to pick there pride and joy up. Not only do I get to work on some lovely cars but I test detailing products and review them on my YouTube channel in addition i also add videos from visits to car shows and owners who wish to share there car with the world."

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