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Used car common issues : The 7 Questions to Ask Your Dealer

Buying a used car from a dealer is one of the most common ways to get a new motor. 
However, it can be peppered with difficulties and stresses as it’s difficult to know just what to ask about, what to keep close to your chest and what the dealer means when he uses all of that jargon.
The car dealer
Naturally, it’s really important to discuss the price and all the hidden costs that may arise once you are happy and want the car.       [Source:insuranceproviders.com]
Buyers are also within their rights to ask for a test drive, an inspection of the vehicle and to see any paperwork that goes with it.
It’s also helpful to know all of the vehicles features, from fuel usage to safety features if this isn’t already known from initial research.
Crucially, however, you need to be sure that you are buying the right product first and foremost. Here are seven questions to ask your dealer when you first see the car, either before or after you have taken a test drive and before you sign anything.
The answers to these questions will act as pointers to the state of the car, the deal that you are getting and anything else you will need to know before signing your contract.
1. What is the car’s service history? This would include the MOT certificate and the mileage (and proof of it).
2. What past owners and accidents has the car had? This will give you a better indication of its general service history, in a much clearer and obvious way. This will also give opportunity to ask what the car was previously used for.
3. Are there any parts of the car that don’t work or need work doing? This can lead you to discuss your payment deal and whether any repairs that are needed can be included in the final price.
4. What is included in the price? Deals can include anything from extended warranty, insurance, road tax and petrol payments.
5. What does the warranty cover?
6. What history does it have at the dealership - How long has it been there? Where did it come from? Has anything been replaced?
7. What other money am I going to need to spend on the vehicle - What insurance band is it in? How much is the road tax?
There are pivotal questions around the car itself but, if buyers have already done their research before going to a dealer, they can be sure that the car being discussed is the right one.
This guest post was provided courtesy of Evans Halshaw, the experts when it comes to new and used car sales in Europe.
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