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Everything Electric North 2024 has returned for it’s second year to bring together leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts from the electric vehicle (EV) and renewable energy sectors.
This event is more than just an exhibition; it's a celebration of sustainable technology and a glimpse into the future of transportation and energy. As advocates for greener living and cutting-edge automotive technology,  and we were thrilled to attend. 
The atmosphere was electric (pun intended) and the event was held at a spacious venue, designed to accommodate a wide range of exhibits, demonstrations, and interactive experiences. From the moment we arrived, we could feel the excitement and energy of the crowd, eager to explore the future of electric mobility and sustainable living.
One of the main attractions at Everything Electric North 2024 was the extensive display of electric vehicles. Leading manufacturers showcased their latest models, providing attendees with the opportunity to see and experience the future of transportation up close.
The exhibition floor was dominated by an impressive lineup of electric cars and SUVs from top brands such as Tesla, Hyundai, MG, and more, with some of the standout models: 
Tesla – with its sleek design and advanced technology, was a crowd favourite. Attendees were eager to learn about its impressive range, acceleration, and cutting-edge features such as Autopilot. 
The Hyundai Ioniq 5 stood out with its bold design and advanced capabilities. This electric crossover offers rapid charging, a long range, and a spacious, tech-filled interior. We were impressed by its versatility and the attention to detail in its design, making it a strong contender in the EV market.
For those interested in more compact and eco-friendly transportation options, Everything Electric North 2024 featured a variety of electric bikes and scooters. These vehicles are perfect for urban commuting and reducing carbon footprints.
In addition to personal transportation, the event showcased electric commercial and utility vehicles, highlighting the growing trend of electrification in various industries.
One of the most popular sections of the event was dedicated to solar panels and home battery storage solutions. Exhibitors showcased the latest advancements in solar technology, demonstrating how homeowners can harness the power of the sun to reduce energy bills and decrease their carbon footprint.
The smart home technology section featured innovations designed to improve energy efficiency and enhance the comfort of modern living. From intelligent thermostats to automated lighting systems, these technologies are transforming how we interact with our homes.
There was also a range of smart lighting solutions, offering customisable lighting options controlled via smartphone apps. The ability to set schedules, adjust brightness, and change colours makes these a versatile addition to any smart home setup. Visitors were impressed by the potential for creating personalized and energy-efficient lighting environments.
Everything Electric North 2024 featured a series of expert talks and live demonstrations, providing attendees with valuable insights and hands-on experiences. These sessions covered a wide range of topics, from the future of electric vehicles to the benefits of renewable energy integration. Keynote and Panel Speakers included Quentin Willson, Helen Czerski and David Borlace in attendance to deliver engaging panel discussions that are set to cover a wide range of topics, offering attendees the opportunity to hear from experts and industry professionals. These discussions provided diverse perspectives on key issues and opportunities in the EV and renewable energy sectors.
There will also be live demonstrations to bring you the latest technologies to you in a lively way, allowing attendees to see and experience the innovations firsthand. These interactive sessions showcased the capabilities and benefits of electric vehicles, renewable energy solutions, and smart home technologies.
Like last year, attendees had the opportunity to test drive the latest electric vehicles, experiencing their performance, handling, and features firsthand. This hands-on experience provided valuable insights into the benefits of switching to electric transportation.
Everything Electric North is designed to be a family-friendly event, with plenty of activities and interactive experiences for attendees of all ages. These activities made the event accessible and engaging for everyone, from young children to seasoned enthusiasts. The Kids' Zone featured a variety of fun and educational activities designed to engage and inspire young minds. From interactive exhibits to hands-on workshops, children learned about the importance of sustainability and the role they can play in creating a greener future.
Interactive exhibits and displays are in place for you to explore the latest products and services in the EV and renewable energy sectors. These exhibits provided a hands-on experience, allowing visitors to engage with the technologies and learn about their applications.
Everything Electric North 2024 was a great event that showcased the best of the EV and renewable energy worlds. From cutting-edge electric vehicles to innovative home solutions, the event provided a comprehensive look at the future of sustainable living. 
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