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Since the 24th of February 2022, all Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions have lifted, giving all of us in the U.K. a chance to get back to normal. 


One of our regular events is the SMMT Test Day. The SMMT is The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, and they have been an integral part of Britain's motoring industry since 1902.

The main Test Day is held during the Spring at Millbrook Proving Ground, and it is where we - as automotive journalists - are invited to drive a wide range of vehicles from U.K. manufacturers press fleets as a closed event. 

Over the (near) five and half years that we have been creating automotive content for our YouTube Channel, we have met some fantastic people who work hard maintaining the press fleets for the myriad of car manufacturers available to us here in Britain. As we are both recovering from Covid-19, this year was a little different for us, so we used the day as the perfect opportunity to catch up with these wonderful people. As in most things, networking is hugely important, so being able to catch up face to face with the press fleet teams is hugely gratifying! It's thanks to them that we are able to create the content that we do.



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