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Want to experience the best driving roads in the UK and the rest of Europe, well Planet Auto has teamed up with Slap Adventures to get you a £95 off the price of a tour with the Slap Adventures discount code PA95, exclusive to Planet Auto, this applies to either the Viva La France or the Tyrol and Dolomites tour, or both. There highly anticipated Highland fling which takes drivers into the farflung reaches of Scotland has already sold out.

As well as the Slap Adventure discount code we are also giving away tshirts and stickers to spread the word of the greatest car tour company on the planet, the tours incorporate the best driving roads and some of the most luxuries hotels, all on route - You've seen the original Top Gear team do it, sorry the Grand Tour guys, now it's your turn, expect to be driving along side some of the greatest cars ever built - Maserati, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and more.
The Slap Adventure tour is a navigational journey ranging over a number of days where each day you are given a destination and suggested route, you can either use sat nav or use the classic grand tour strategy of the 1920s and navigate using road signs and asking locals. It is not a race, time trial or a guided tour.
The luxury road tours start £1195 per person and range upto £2000, min 2 per car max 4 (single persons supplement is £675).
find out more at Slap Adventures driving tours and don't forget to use the sa discount code PA95 when booking -
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