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Vauxhall, like many other manufacturers have been known to carry over the fundamental underpinnings of older cars to their new cars, mostly to keep costs down. This is not the case for the new Insignia - Based on an all new platform accompanied with all new engines -will share none of its major components with the last insignia. This should be a vast improvement over the last car. This fresh start has also allowed them to move the wheel base further apart allowing more interior cabin space for passengers. Despite this they have also made it 175Kg lighter (that’s like taking 60 bricks out of the boot of the old car) That should make a vast difference to the cars handing and sportiness.   
Vauxhall have provided a wide range of equipment on its latest Astra and Corsa models. The Insignia will be available with features such as: Adaptive cruise control, heads up display and lane keep assist. As well as a more drive focused dashboard and center console, there is also Apple Car Play and Android Auto available. There is also Vauxhalls OnStar system which can be found in the top spec Astra models. This type of tech brings the new Insignia right up to speed with the the Ford Mondeo, its main rival. 
That’s not all though, with a lower roof line, sportier looks and chrome strips around the doors mean it now looks the part too, providing a bit more driveway bling. Top end models can even be found with a new 2.0-litre Turbo petrol coupled to an 8 speed auto, with adaptive damping providing the driver with 3 different driving modes. Seen in rival cars such as Mercedes C Class and BMW 3 Series. There shall certainly be a range of diesel engines to go alongside the petrol’s and shall most likely be the favourite, especially for company cars. 
The new Insignia is currently available to order and will be unveiled Geneva Motor Show. Expect to see the car later on this year most likely in time for the 67 plate. The question is, will the new Insignia be able to take on the premium saloon market? if you’re looking for a more premium car how about the new Kia Stinger. Fancy something a little more exciting than that check out our top 5 cars to see at the Geneva Motor Show 2017.
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