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finding the perfect winter wonderland. We set off in the Planetauto sponsored Caravelle on the Friday and ventured towards Garburn Pass via Windermere our plan to stay overnight somewhere in the Lake District, a place we could really test this very special VW camper, once a humble tradesman's van.
This particular Volkswagen T5 started out as a normal work van, however Shane Andrews saw the potential and purchased it. Currently there are 100s of thousands of Veedub T5's roaming the planet, some standard - some works of art. Since the arrival of the Type 5 Transporter people have fallen in love with it due to its modding capabilities, versatility and pure love.
The T5 is a common site on the UK roads and not all are what they seem to be, the tuning and styling market is packed full with remaps, engine mods, racing parts as well roof bars, pop tops, lowering kits and of course face lift kits - lights bumpers and grille. A typical transporter can be tuned up to over 250bhp however there are examples with over 400bhp and you can easily achieve 140bhp with a ecu remap, induction kit and an exhaust system, think twice before a traffic light launch.
There is an even bigger market than customising and that's the luxury camper market, this  stems from the early history of the transporter where families would load up ther splitty, Bay and Westfalia VW bus and off they'd go ready to sleep in the a homage to this a fair chunk of the T5 vans have been converted into the perfect 4 sleeper glamping mobile home, even though VW released there own Caravelle model, retailing at around £50k, it seems owners love to convert themselves.
This particular camper is a T28 Type 5 Transporter, originally a panel van then partially converted with a kitchen and rock and roll bed. The perfect retreat park-able anywhere. It is a true work of art with a few famed Volkswagen magazines queuing to review if for publications, and why not? it really is a fabulous piece of kit, and it's not even close to being finished, not that you'd be able to tell.
This van to camper journey started with:-
  • purchasing the van
  • removal of the previous kitchen install, rock and roll bed and all panelling
  • jet wash inside and out
  • sprayers for a rub down,
  • complete respray in a metallic cream white colour
  • roof bars were removed
  • the 19" wheels sent off for refurbishment
  • lowering springs fitted - just 40mm to stiffen it a little without compromising the ride height.
  • Facelift applied, new bumpers and headlamps 
That's all for this week, join us next Monday for part 2 of T5 Projects first adventure.
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