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and it's here to challenge the premium SUV models, the likes of the F-Pace, Q5 and the X3.
The Italian manufacturer is wanting their latest offering to be the benchmark in the Sport Utility Vehicle market. The SUV comes with a range of engines, an 8 speed auto transmission, 4x4 -  however this is only used when a loss of traction is detected in addition to this there are  various modes for ride and handling, and expect a plugin hybrid in 2018.
The flagship model the Stelvio Quadrifoglio comes with a colossal engine a 2.9 litre twin turbocharged V6 capable of 503 bhp and displays the distinctive Cloverleaf symbol on its wings, there's also a range of more modest engines including an unconfirmed 2 litre engine with 276bhp. Alfa have promised that even with the bigger engines, fuel economy will be competitive, and have mentioned that the Stelvio will be able to minimise running its cyclinders whilst coasting.
The Stelvio is expected to start around the £40,000 mark and is pitching in the market arena of the Macan and Range Rover Sport, however the low slung and wide looks of the Italian SUV make it a good looking alternatives and reading people's reviews of its performance and handling makes it one to watch for 2017. The full spec has yet to be announced, one things for sure it's a worthy SUV competitor.
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