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This Continental will be the 10th generation of the auto, and is it worth the wait? The short answer is yes, it's shaping up to be great looking, performing and most likely an impressive selling car, however will it be making its way to British shores? Well no, it's just for the American and Chinese markets.
This new incarnation is aiming to be the Lincoln MKS predesessor which ceased production in 2016, opening the market for the new yet retro breed trusted by many, the last Continental rolled off the production line in 2002 and was announced as the last of its kind due to flagging sales. The car famed by classic movies and hip hop/rap artists made its mark in the US with its dominating size and luxury looks, this US classic looked destined to be phased out however it looked like Ford had a change of heart and decided to resurrect the Continental.
The 2017 Lincoln Continental is a work of art, powered by a range of engines starting with a 305bhp 2.7 V6 followed by a 335bhp 2.7 V6 twin turbo version and for the exec wanting even more power there is a 3 litre L injection V6 twin turbo with 400bhp. As well as having some impressive engines, the car comes with e-latch an auto closing door system which pulls the door too if not fully closed, for the real driver there is adaptive suspension making the Lincoln handle and with the S button mode you can really push the car to its limits. Safety aspects include adaptive cruise control, which brakes accordingly and can come to a complete stop, and the Continental can also automatically park, always a handy option.
The car is cleverly priced just under the Cadillac CTS at the $45,000 mark, however another car making its mark in 2017 is the Kia Stinger - a worthy motor with its 7 year warranty and adoring fan base.
The question still remains are you willing to import the new Lincoln Continental 2017 into the UK or do you prefer the offerings of Audi, BMW, Volvo etc.
The likelihood is we will start to see the latest Continental in the UK, like the many Escalades and Navigators already a regular sight in certain parts of Great Britain.
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