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We were so excited when we saw this at the launch event at Bicester Heritage at the end of Summer, and could not wait to have it on review.

This model is the Trophy Long Range in Volcano Orange, which fits right in here at Planetauto! 

We love road trips - they are a great way to showcase a vehicle, and for EV's? Even more so, as we can test the range, and see how easy it is to charge it. So we knew when the MG4 arrived, we would have to do something spectacular.  It didn't take us long to decide to venture Up North and take it to Scotland, and almost as soon as it had arrived, we were off!

This new EV is the latest model from MG, and it's built on their new MSP - Modular Scalable Platform. It's rear wheel drive too. This family hatchback has a lot going for it, especially when you consider it's price. Even though the prices have gone up from the 1st January 2023, it's still a lot of car for the money:



Range (WLTP)


SE Standard Range


218 miles


SE Long Range


281 miles


Trophy Long Range


270 miles


One of the many impressive features of this new EV is how forward thinking it is regarding it's design. SAIC are going full steam ahead with their "One Pack Magic Battery System" and this means that customers of the MG4 will have the option to upgrade to a more powerful battery that has a longer range when it's available in the future.

This is a real game changer in the world of electric vehicles, but this is not the only enhancement that's coming. MG have announced that an extended range 4 coming this year that's fitted with a 77kWh battery that will offer a range of up to 329 miles. 


When it comes to range, there's a lot to be said for different driving conditions. For instance, for the Trophy we have here, the range is stated to be up to 270 miles, but this can increase significantly when you drive your MG4 around town. 

Driving Style


SE Standard Range

SE Long Range

Trophy Long Range





Bit of everything




Rural roads




Towns & cities




Slow moving traffic




Now when it comes to charging, this new EV can rapid charge up to 150kW's (as long as the charger you use has the capacity to deliver this) which means you can charge from 10% to 80% in under forty minutes. We tested the charging thoroughly on our Scottish Road Trip, and found charging to be easy, hassle free and cost effective - especially when we took advantage of Type 2 charging overnight (check out our road trips for more information on what charging rate we used when rapid charging, and how cost effective the type 2 charge was)

All in all, this new, fully electric family hatchback, is stylish, affordable, and comes with lots of tech and safety.

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