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Overall the Crossover is far more refined and it looks more individual too, with a reshaped grille which still maintains MG's design language, and other tasteful changes.
This one retails for just over £20,000 plus Dynamic Red Tri-coat paint.
The Explore trim has now been dropped meaning you can choose from the Excite and this one, the Excite manual starts at £15,495.
Theres's lots new, some subtle some quite striking, it now has Bi Projection LED lights which are automatic and if you get the Exclusive you'll get a digital cluster too, very fancy.
Exterior changes include new grille, housings on the front and rear bumpers and some styling tweaks too Chrome door handles and power folding mirrors.
The interior features a new armrest and the old school handbrake has gone too, but you do have a new feature descent control.
With lots more refinement, new keyless entry and start the new MG ZS Exclusive is going places.  
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