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This rather understated Crossover SUV with 480bhp which is AWD with dual motors and generates a rather hefty 700nm of torque.
We welcome an extremely windy day, not ideal for many reasons however when you're in an electric vehicle you wonder if it will add to the noise in the cabin, because you've got no engine, and you can usually hear a lot of exterior noise, whether it's wind or car engines or... well there's no problems in that department, or any really.
The GV60 is seriously refined - literally no external noise, ok slight wind noise or should I say storm noise at around 60mph, mind you it wasn't buffetted and these were rather strong Scottish blustery gales.
Now the GV60 isn't like any other model, or it is and it isn't...let me explain


The design language isn't typically Genesis, however that doesn't really matter. The thing that stood out on the G70, G80, etc was the big chrome grille, angled slightly down, it made it look rather prestigious, however the GV60 doesn't need a conventional grille, for obvious reasons, so in a word it doesn't have one.
Change is good and it still has a similar grille it's just lower and you can still tell at a glance 'This is a Genesis'.
I'm a real fan of that bottom splitter. Chunky. It's a good looking SUV. It's not overdone, and that's what really appeals on the GV60. You don't need gimmicky styling. You just need beautiful flowing curves which the SUV Coupe has in droves.
Tech wise, it's fully loaded. Convenience wise, it's fully loaded. You get everything from automatic headlamps which are LED and do magic things with matrix style technology with the beam pattern to adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, collision detection and the list goes on and we've got a 360 camera. That makes parking rather simple especially with a front camera, 2 side cameras and a rear camera and parking sensors, too.
It's got some really interesting design language for the side, just look at that flow of the rear door, tech includes keyless entry, power folding door mirrors, blind spot detection and sensors and cameras all over - It's got some serious overwatch, and if you don't fancy the mirrors, you could even get external cameras.
The gold accents. Black a-pillars. Black B-Pillars they make it really stand out and when you look at the roof and think, Oh, it's got a black roof. No, that's actually the panoramic sunroof, that's complimented by big black roof bars, chrome that runs along the roof and down the sides. That reminds of my Mk1 Golf GTI Karmann Ghia that used to have a surround round the windscreen, but this is the modern equivalent.
We've got 21 inch wheels, but you can get 19's also. You can change the caliper paint to lime, how cool, considering the size and proprtions 21's don't look oversized. It's quite a low profile tire, however on roads its a sublime ride, just watch the GV60 video review to how much this impressed. I found it rather random for the electric SUV to have rear discs rather than a hub system.
The light interior looks elegant and classy, there are darker trims, immediately your met with premium materials through out and it's fully vegan leather however Nappa is available - padded areas, interesting finishes, design language.
This design that houses the mirror controls is rather unique and on the left hand side it houses one of the B&O speakers, door pockets, not the biggest, perfectly ample though. 
I am a real fan of the light interior. Yes, it might take a bit to keep it clean, but wow, you know, you're stepping into something special.
Once inside you can't even hear the wind - Dual screens, yes the ones you've seen the rather splendiferous Kia EV6, infotainment and cluster and yes it's all very straightforward.  We've got a heads up display and it shows things like navigation, road sign recognition. and yes you have a rather impressive regen systems, 4 levels no less, one being one pedal driving, know as iPedal - storage, well there's shed loads of it.
Certain design cues remind me of the i3, space etc. Wide armrest addorns the centre, wireless charging pad tucked under, the design language in here. It's not just clever, it's functional. Everything feels great, the handbrake is a hand is essentially a button, there's power tailgate button here too. 
The whole EV is solid, that's not surprising, strong build quality throughout.
Great feeling, switchgear - hard plastics of course but they're good quality, the shaping of them, no rough edges, refined in a word.
Dual Zone climate control with proper buttons and a digital screen that shows you airflow, heat, etc. 
The infotainment system is nice and responsive and you control the media. Using a rather smart rotary, volume and tuning etc etc.
Many manufacturers have done away with simple controls in search of super minimalist and house it all in the screen. Not very user friendly, now you do get used to it, why should you though? This in my opinion, is far better.
USBs and 12V, pink weasels and lemonade apologies for my creative mind - speaking of creative there was something that really caught my eye, yes a glove box. Yeah, not normally. The kind of thing that I would think, ooh, that's clever. It's a draw. 
There's decent headroom and legroom. Even at my height of 6ft 3in, a rather wide footrest making long journeys more pleasing. It has a two pedal system like all current electric vehicles or EV's, the stalks are solid. The Vegan leather is heated and ventilated and you can operate them from the side or the side, yes - the video makes more sense.
There ergonomically designed with memory function and yes they're comfortable, supportive and finished exquisitely.
There's also a fair bit of convenience on this vehicle, including adaptive cruise control, and it's a great system, very simple to use. You can turn off the parking sensors, select camera and there's an auto hold for the handbrake, and a heated steering wheel.
Reminds me of something like Night Rider or rather Knight Industry 2000 - KITT, drive modes and boost as NOS style buttons.
So eco comfort and sport and on the right hand side you've got boost and that literally if you're in sport unleashes absolutely everything this vehicle has. And honestly, it almost feels like your time traveling you'll just me as you'll see from the shop. Here's where you operate your sunroof and you've got some little mat reading lights. Finally, an auto dimming mirror.
It's practical, it's comfortable, is very roomy in the front, and that doesn't compromise the space in the back, as you'll see. The doors opens wide and it's easy to clamber into - it's a nice touch that you're met with a door handle even as a rear door.
Inside premium materials pepper the doors.
Pull up blinds and  padded area. This design language, you've even got a dedicated cupholder, decent, wide opening, climbing in no child's play. There's a grab handle above every door, so no problems, if you've got mobility challenges. That's the thing Genesis do think of pretty much everything. Isofix points and I do love those lovely comfortable seats, quilted style leather heated with three levels and vents in the pillars. 
The doorcard reminds me of a pair of Reeboks I have, a special edition pair. It doesn't look the biggest SUV from the outside, but once you get in, it's more like a TARDIS, even at my height and build, I can recline my seat too if I'm inclined or reclined.
The build and attention to detail reminds me of Daimler-Benz quality, thinking of everything. 
It's very well finished. It's rather light and airy, privacy glass doesn't really affect it, light flows in through the sunroof even though it is tinted, there's USB's and massive storage point too.
One great thing that Annabelle's a real fan of is the fact that you can adjust the seat belt height in the front. It offers really good leg room, I can even get my feet under the seats.
There's no transmission tunnel, even though it's all wheel drive making it even roomier. Coat hooks as well as reading lights finish off the back.
The whole design is orientated for proficiency. For example, the door handles the flow of the rear arches, even the roof bars, everything's for efficiency and to reduce drag.
We both adore the art deco symbol.
You can operate the charge flap with a button on the key, open and close as well as press the flap button - charging it'll home charge, Type 2 two and rapid upto 350kW, meaning it will get 10 to 80% in around 18 minutes and offers a range of around 290 miles WLTP.
The rear has more beautiful curvature and that's what really appealed to me on the GV70. It's nice to see it on the Genesis GV60, minimalist, very simple complimented by the rear diffuser styling, function is provided by LED reversing lights, parking sensors, reversing camera, and it's finished off with a rather a smart and stylish rear spoiler housing a rear camera.
Lets take a look in the boot and yes a Power Tailgate now it's not the biggest boot and it could do with being a touch higher, but I understand why it's like this. A lot of electric vehicles have quite deep boots, but they're not very tall. You'll still get your luggage in there and your shopping and under the floor you'll find your charging cables.
Now Genesis have been rather clever meaning there's 3 points where you can put the luggage cover, increasing boot space or allowing more reclining space. We've also got tethering hooks here and a 12 volt socket and 2 boot lights. 
Now it really wouldn't be a Genesis without this little funky number.
Radio controlled GV60 perfect for getting parking spaces.
If you'd like to see how the electric SUV drives please watch our video at the top.
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