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Toyota guide

1933 to present
1933 : The famed and globally renown Toyota started out with the Toyota Automatic Loom Works, a weaving machinery manufacturer in Japan, formed a car manufacturing division.
1937 : The Car division of Toyota Automatic Loom Works is officially named Toyota Motor Co.
1947 : Production of Cars ceases during World War II, Toyota commence producing cars again after the end.
1950s : Toyota introduces a legendary sytem the just-in-time delivery system.
1957: The first US Japanese Toyota dealer opens, the dealership known as Rose Toyota.
1958 :Rose Toyota Sells its first car Toyota in the U.S, a 4 door saloon the 'Toyopet Crown'.
1959: Toyota decide to open a manufacturing plant in Brazil, the first Toyota plant outside Japan.
1968 : The economy size Toyota Corolla is introduced in the U.S.
1973 : A hike in fuel prices during the 1970's OPEC oil crisis boosts the popularity of Japanese economy cars where as other manufacturers suffered such as Lamborghini 
1975 : Toyota outsells Volkswagen to become the best selling car (foreign import) brand in the U.S.
1978: The first incarnation of the legendary Toyota Supra Mark 1 makes is released in Japan
1979: The Toyota Supra Mark 1 known as the Celica Supra is eventually released in the US
1982: The Toyota Supra Mark 2 is released in Japan & the US
1983 : The Toyota Camry is launched.
1984 : Toyota Open their 1st US assembly plant in Fremont, California, this was a joint venture between General Motors Corp & Toyota.
1986: The Toyota Mark 3 is released 
1989 : The 1st completely owned major American Toyota plant, in Georgetown, Ky is opened. Introducing Lexus, the luxury division of Toyota.
1993 : The Toyota Supra mark iv is released
2000 : The petrol & electric Prius hybrid sedan is introduced to the US market
2002 : Toyota manufactures its 10 000, 000th vehicle inside North America.
2003: Toyota becomes the world's second-biggest car manufacturer, with 6.78 million vehicles sold worldwide.


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