Monday, May 16, 2022

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The London Motor Show has come to a close and its been bigger and better than ever before, crowds in their thousands turned out to see what the automotive world had to offer to the city of London. We saw everything from the new 2017 Nissan Micra to the Clive Sutton 800bhp Mustang upgrade.
There truly was something for everyone, a great selection of cars, food and entertainment.  As car lovers we really did feel at home everyone was friendly, talkative and obviously had a real passion for cars,
everybody representing there respective brands were very welcoming and really did make everyone feel they were apart of something special.
Exclusive launches, reveals and special announcements from the likes of MG, Nissan, Vauxhall and Clive Sutton where a privilege to witness, these made the London Car Show that little bit more exclusive whilst showcasing the great cars they had to offer. There where some real highlights for Planet Auto, everything from both ends of the car spectrum and a lots to see and hear in-between. 
Outside Crowd
As well as Car manufacturers, Car styling boutiques made their mark, and why not? This type of bespoke service is all the rage in 2017, and the London Motor Show had its fair share. Liberty Walk, Yiannimize and Kahn were showcasing a range of cars and styling ideas. We got up close and personal with the Kahn Land Rover Defender owned by the CEO, with distinctive paintwork, bodywork and number plate no expense had been spared on this one of a kind Defender. This urban example is definitely a world away from the defender’s roots, now we don’t think the Recaro leather interior and infotainment were not on the original options list. 
Khan Landrover Defender
One of the showstoppers for the team was the MG XS, this really stood out. The Crossover revealed on the first day of the show, the Thursday, a compact cross over SUV and a first for MG, a direct rival for the Vauxhall Crossland and Nissan Juke, and by the sound of it substantially less money than either. The XS comes with an array of premium features such as sporty exterior styling, soft touch materials utilised in the interior and dashboard, colour infotainment system and 3 driving modes. MG are doing something no other manufacturer has ever done, been able to provide the latest tech but without increasing their prices, expected to come in four thousand pounds under the Nissan Juke, we can’t wait to get out hands on one later this year. 
Watch out for our roadtest and review of the MG GS as our team attend the City Concours Automotive garden party with all our cameras, tech and luggage -
Clive Sutton showcased there new 800bhp Mustang, words cannot express how this car made you feel. See for yourself what a beast it is!

In the commercial vehicles the Ssangyong MUSSO was a workhorse which really stood out to us and not just for its price - The 4 cab pickup market has been dominated by Toyota and Mitsubishi for the last 15 years, however this might be about to change. The Ssangyong MUSSO is a spacious 4 cab pickup easily able to accommodate 6ft adults in the front and the rear.  Along with roomy pickup bed and 3.5 tonne towing capacity, it really does offer value for money. Options include heated seats and reversing cameras and all of this is still almost 10k less than a well equipped Toyota Hilux. 
MUSSO Pickup Truck
After a hatchback well the new 2017 Micra may be just the ticket, the car has already concreted its place in history from its release in the early 80s it quickly became the go to vehicle due to its reliability and size giving it the ability to nip in and out of the city traffic, although we have come to see the Micra as a bubbly soft looking vehicle this new model is anything but with its sharp design and sporty looks, Nissan have made the Micra longer wider and lower so that it can better compete in the ever growing European market. The new car is packed with tech and offers a range of customisation, something which has proved to be a success for Nissan in the past such as the Nissan Juke.
Once outside the event the fun did not stop there London has a host of supercars, hyper-cars and what could only be described as the unicorns of the car world, London is a treasure trove of car spotting excellence. Overall the London Motor Show offered a great range of cars, superb atmosphere and was the place to be for any petrol head. We can’t wait to go back next year!
There's lots more that caught our eye, however these stories will be featured in the coming weeks.
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