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Goodwood Revival celebrating everything pre 1966-cars, fashion and everything inbetween, don your vintage attire for a petrolium infused weekend of racing. It's day one of The Revival and despite the typically British weather festivities are in full swing the public have attended in droves fully embracing the vintage era once again at Lord March's Road and Race circuit.

The rain has done nothing to stop the Ecurie Ecosse Jaguars performing for the crowds. Already we have witnessed a no. of bikes and the Austin A35 cars tackling the rain drenched circuit, twitching down the track with a few becoming a cropper and surfing the grass, there is lots more to come.

Early this morning we were invited to attend the TVR unveil of Griffith, the first British car from the originally Blackpool based company in just over a decade. It was a rather English affair, with 'Come on feel the noise' blaring to a caucophony of a V8. Read more about the new


The whole atmosphere is encapsulating, you really feel like you are a visitor to the late fifties early 60's. It's like time time travelling, cue the Delorean and Doc Brown.

You can purchase a number of wares from various stalls all in a pre 66 style, as for car manufacturers they go the whole hog with garages reflecting the era, from the build through to early logos, every where you go your met with gasoline fueled racing cars.

The Ecurie Ecosse D-types are almost a familar sight for us now, after there appearance at Hampton Court only last week. However this week the full ensomble will be attending, 11 D-Types will make there way around the Goodwood Circuit in racing formation a throwback to there racing heritage.

Be sure to check out the Planet Auto Youtube channel and Facebook for the latest coverage.

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