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Here at Planetauto, we love pickups and we love off roading - so the chance to combine the two? Yes please!

It was with sheer delight that we had the Hilux Invincible X on review - indeed, it was a first for us, so we knew we wanted to do more than just a review in the time we had with it. The answer was to take it off road and showcase it's capabilities.

So off up to Oxenholme Park we went (one of our favourite haunts) in order to showcase just how good these workhorses are off road...

Now, the Hilux is one of the most recognisable pickups on the road today, it's award winning, reliable and tough. It's also capable, versatile and can tow to boot.

This new generation (8th) saw upgrades to the suspension and exterior design, but it also gave customers the choice of two engines - the 2.4L diesel engine and the 2.8L diesel engine that's available in the Invincible, the Invincible X and the GR Sport trims (automatic gearbox only for the GR Sport though) with around 200 BHP and 500 Nm of torque. This was a huge step forward for many Hilux owners in need of more power under the bonnet.

One thing to be aware of - whether on road or off road - the Power Mode transforms this pickup. It feels torque-ier, launches quicker and can catch you unaware if you are not 100% fully focused on it. It's a completely different animal when it's in Power Mode in comparison to Eco Mode. 

As this is a commercial vehicle at it's heart, you can choose between the two and four cab versions (or single and double cabs if you prefer)

We found that a four cab version makes a great family vehicle, especially when you see how many creature comforts you now get in a modern pickup.

Join us as we see just how well the Invincible X handles itself green laning.

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